Mumbai Police warns people about taking the ‘KIKI challenge’ outside moving cars [Video]

Mumbai Police is a regular on the Internet and keeps on warning the road users about various different illegal things. With the Internet becoming viral with the “Kiki challenge”, which is also known as the “In My Feelings” or “Shiggy Challenge”, there are many videos from India that have surfaced online.

To complete the challenge, people have to dance on Drake’s In My Feelings soundtrack with a moving car. There are many such viral videos from India that have come online in the recent times. Mumbai Police posted a warning on Twitter with one such video to show how dangerous it can be and people can be fined if found doing such acts on the road.

Many participants of the new challenge record a video of their car moving at a slow speed while they get out of the vehicle and keep the door open. The video is recorded with the car moving ahead and the door opened. There have been many instances in the recent times where accidents have occurred while making such videos. Videos also show people running into objects like poles while doing the dance to complete the challenge and hurt themselves.

Actress Nia Sharma put out a ‘Kiki Challenge’ video, but clarified that she’d performed it outside a stationary car.

Mumbai Police is the not the first one to ban such a dangerous challenge. Police forces around the world have warned the participants of this challenge not to do such acts on public roads. In a few incidents, people get off the driver’s seat of the vehicle to do the dance and the vehicle moves forward without anyone on the steering wheel. While it may look very exciting, it can prove to be extremely dangerous if the car goes out of control.

Meanwhile, people taking the ‘Kiki Challenge’ outside moving cars not only put their own lives in danger but fellow road users also face the risk of getting hit by other vehicles. There are many fake videos online that show people getting hit by other vehicles while completing the challenge, but it can happen in real life too. It is a very stupid idea to get off a moving vehicle on the public roads and the consequences can be very unfavourable.