3 Mumbai youth arrested after drunken stunt driving video goes viral

After a motorist shared a video clip on Twitter recently, Mumbai police have nabbed three youths. The video showing the youths hanging out of the car on Western Express Highway with alcohol bottle in their hands became viral and was shared by many others.

According to Cyrus Dhabar, who shared the video first, the youths were driving recklessly near the airport. The incident happened at around 1:25 AM near the Sahara Uran bridge. The Mumbai Police team tracked the registration number of the vehicle, which was visible in the video. After tracing the registration, the cops picked up the trio from their respective residences in Thakur Complex as per the information shared by the police official to PTI.

The cops say that the trio had gone on a joyride to Bandra and they stay in Kandivali. The police have registered a case under various sections against the youths. The cops have booked them under sections 279 (rash and negligent driving) and 336 (Endangering the life or personal safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code, Motor Vehicle Act and Mumbai Police Act. Any other information on the incident is not known.

3 Mumbai youth arrested after drunken stunt driving video goes viral

It should be noted that drinking and driving is a major offence in India and laws allow imprisonment and hefty fines too. Due to the COVID pandemic, the cops refrain from doing on-spot tests, which is why many drunk drivers get away. It should be noted that drinking alcohol inside the car by occupants other than the driver is also illegal as it is considered as drinking alcohol in a public place.

Drinking causes the body to react slower, which can cause massive accidents. Many of the accident cases around the world involve drunk driving. In India, a maximum limit of alcohol in the blood is 30 mg per 100 ml. The cops can seize the license if the alcohol level is found above that. In many other states, people can also go to jail for driving drunk and have to pay hefty fines. In recent years, the laws around drunken driving have become very stringent and cops have started to apply them extremely strictly. This has caused a rise in the numbers of drunken driving cases. A cop can flag down a vehicle and the level of alcohol is measured by a breathalyzer. If a person refuses to take the test on the spot, the cops take them to government-approved hospitals for blood samples, which is then used to determine the level of alcohol. However, at present, cops try to figure out if the person is drunk by talking to them first and then taking the test.

Driving or riding under the influence of alcohol causes poor judgement on the roads that increases the probability of an accident by multiple folds. Often, after a heavy drinking session night, the effects of alcohol do not go away the next morning too. Also, alcohol can make your actions slow and lethargic, which is why driving or operating heavy machinery under the influence is extremely dangerous. One should always take a cab or let a sober person drive during such times.