Kerala MVD seizes stolen Tata Harrier with fake registration number plate [Video]

Vehicle theft is not uncommon in India. On a daily basis, we come across several such reports from different parts of the country. In most cases, these cars are not traceable, and thieves often try to dismantle the vehicle after theft and sell parts in the market. This way, tracking a car becomes a lot more challenging. We have come across cases where cops have successfully managed to track stolen vehicles. Here we have one such incident from Kerala where MVD seized a stolen Tata Harrier SUV which was using a fake registration plate.

The video has been uploaded by Mathrubhumi News on their YouTube channel. In this video, the report explains the chronology of events on how the Motor Vehicle Department concluded that it was a stolen vehicle. The officers were on their routine inspection when they spotted a Tata Harrier SUV with a Karnataka registration. The officers noticed that the SUV was not using High-Security number plates. They stopped the car and asked for documents and enquired about the registration plate.

The officers pulled out information about the owner of the vehicle using the registration number and called him. When the officers contacted the owner, they were surprised to know that the owner of the vehicle told them that his vehicle was parked in his porch in Thiruvananthapuram. This made the officers think about the theft angle. When they carefully looked at the vehicle, they noticed that the registration number sticker on the windshield of the car was hidden using tape. When they removed the tape, it revealed the original registration number.

Kerala MVD seizes stolen Tata Harrier with fake registration number plate [Video]
MVD checking the stolen Harrier

The SUV’s registration number on the windshield revealed that the SUV was registered in Kerala. When the officers stopped the car, it had the registration KA 03 NF 9977. When they removed the tape from the windscreen, the registration number under the tape was KL 01 CT 5758. The officers inspected the vehicle and found the original registration plate in the boot of the SUV. The thieves might have been trying to drive the SUV out of the state without getting noticed by changing the number plate. Once they crossed the border, their plan might have been to replace the KA number plate with the original KL one.

The officers also verified the chassis number and confirmed that the registration number and the chassis number belonged to two different vehicles. The report also mentions that they found a bundle of Rs 500 currency notes, a wallet, and a bank chequebook in the driver’s side pocket of the SUV. It was confirmed that the vehicle was stolen. The officers informed the nearby police station, and they seized the vehicle. The police will now conduct an investigation to find out who stole the vehicle. As of now, it is not clear whether the officers arrested any person in connection with this theft or whether this SUV was parked at a particular spot when they found the car. No information related to that is currently revealed in this video. There are many ways in which you can safeguard your car against car thieves. However, no method is 100% foolproof as thieves too have gotten smarter over the years, and many use hi-tech equipment to lift a car.