MVD suspends bus driver’s license after he drove over divider [Video]

Rash driving is extremely dangerous and is quite common in India and around the world. Majority of buses in India are driven rashly and we have come across several incidents where rash driving has led to accidents and loss of life in some cases. In most cases, authorities take action against the offenders but, bus driver’s keep on repeating the mistake again. One of the recent incident we have come across is from Kerala’s Kozhikode. The bus driver had driven the bus over a median strip.

The video has been uploaded by malabarnews one on their YouTube channel. In this video report the bus that was being rashly driven on the national highway. As per the report, the driver was trying to overtake another vehicle when he did this offence. As we can see in the video, the bus was being driven on a narrow two-lane highway. There is a Hyundai i20 in front of the bus and the driver of the bus is desperate to overtake it. This is a private bus that runs in the same route daily. It ferries people on a particular route. Most of the private bus drivers in the state have timings for each of their trip and in order to reach the stop on time, they often drive rashly.

This is what we are seeing here in the video too. The bus driver completely overlooked the thin median strip dividing the opposite lanes of the road and simply drove over it. As it was overtaking, a lorry can be seen passing very close to the bus from the opposite direction. The bus driver continued to drive and managed to overtake the car in the next turn. The video was recorded by another car that was behind the bus. After overtaking, the bus driver did not stop and continued his trip as usual.

MVD suspends bus driver’s license after he drove over divider [Video]
Bus driven over median

It is not clear whether the bus had any passengers sitting in it when this happened. What may the reason be, this behaviour from private bus driver was completely unacceptable. The video soon went viral on the internet and Malabar Development Forum President KM Basheer brought this incident in front of the RTO. After analysing the video, Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector, RTO Enforcement, Kozhikode found the bus driver at fault and also identified the driver.

Name of the bus driver was Jamshad Ali and he was from Malappuram, district of Kerala. After identifying the bus and the driver, Motor Vehicles Department decided to suspend the license of the driver. Along with the suspension, the MVD had also asked the driver to do palliative service as a punishment for rash driving. This is probably the first time, we are hearing such an action against an offender in India. This is not the first time, we have come across an incident like this from Kerala. People driving heavy vehicles like bus and trucks should be a lot more careful on the road. Last month, 26 bus drivers in Kochi, Kerala were caught by Hill Palace police for drunk driving. These drivers were operating public transport and school buses.