MVD: Toyota Hilux can’t be private vehicle, has to use yellow plates

Toyota launched their Hilux pick up truck in the Indian market officially earlier this year. It was one of the anticipated models from Toyota in India and it received an overwhelming response from customers as soon as the bookings were open. Toyota had to stop accepting bookings becuase of this overwhelming response from the market. Toyota had started deliveries for the Hilux and we have also featured several tastefully modified examples of Toyota Hilux on our websites in the past. Kerala, which is one of the states with good car culture does not recognise Hilux as a private vehicle. Here we have a video that explains why.

The video has been uploaded by Talking Cars on their YouTube channel. The vidoe is actually a detailed drive review of the new Toyota Hilux. Towards the end of the video, one of the presenter mentions that one cannot buy a Toyota Hilux in the state of Kerala. The reason for that is because pick up trucks were never encouraged as private vehicles in India. It is usually a segment which is mostly associated with commercial activities. One of the most popular pick-up truck Mahindra Bolero pick up is only available with commercial registration.

Pick up trucks that have load bearing capacity of 1 ton and above come under the commercial vehicle category. This increases the overall weight of the vehicle and thus it is categorised as a commercial vehicle. Isuzu V-Cross also faced a similar issue but, Isuzu decreased the load capacity of the truck to 400 kgs and that helped bringing it under the private vehicle category. Toyota is selling the Hilux as private vehicles in many other states but, till date they have not sold even one unit of Hilux in Kerala because of this same issue. Even if they sell one, the owner will have to register it as a commercial vehicle.

MVD: Toyota Hilux can’t be private vehicle, has to use yellow plates

It does not look like Toyota will be making changes to the load bearing capacity of their legendary pick up truck. Surprisingly, we have not come across any such incidents from other Indian states. It looks like an issue with the Kerala MVD only. Toyota Hilux pick up truck competes with Isuzu V-Cross in the segment. They are both pick up trucks but, in terms of pricing both are poles apart. Price for the BS6 Isuzu V-Cross starts at Rs 16.98 lakh, ex-showroom and the price for Toyota Hilux starts at Rs 33.99 lakh, ex-showroom.

The top-end version of the Hilux will easily cost you over 50 lakh, which makes it as expensive as a Toyota Fortuner. Toyota Hilux is a vehicle that has proven itself in various terrains. In India, it is available with a 2.8 litre turbocharged diesel engine option that generates 204 Ps. It comes with both manual and automatic transmission options. The manual version generates 420 Nm of peak torque and the automatic version generates 500 Nm of torque. It comes with 4×4 as standard and there is a proper low and high ratio transfer case as well. It gets Limited Slip Differential, 700 mm water wading capacity, electronic diff lock and rear diff lock as well.