AI Camera that caught a mystery face inside Maruti 800 in Kerala: Mystery Solved By RTO!

AI camera ghost photo from Kerala

Three months ago, in a bizarre turn of events in Payyannur, Kerala, the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) found itself in a mystery. This mystery surrounded an unusual photograph captured by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) surveillance camera. The black and white picture, which accompanied a challan issued to a Kannur-based family, showed not just the couple in the front seats but also a mysterious woman in the rear. However, after months of investigation, the mystery has now been solved, and the MVD has shed light on who actually was in that picture if it was not a ghost of a woman.

AI Camera that caught a mystery face inside Maruti 800 in Kerala: Mystery Solved By RTO!

The Mystery

Approximately three months ago, the family, consisting of a couple and their two children aged 17 and 10, received a challan for not wearing seat belts. It was reported that an AI camera, installed near the overbridge in Payyannur, had captured the moment at 8.27 pm on October 3. However, unlike normal AI camera photographs, this one perplexed the authorities. It was shared that the picture showcased an unidentified woman seated in the rear, peering over the driver’s right shoulder.

What Actually Happened?

Following this mystery that surrounded the unidentified woman ghost inside the Maruti 800, an inquiry was launched. Following this, the Enforcement RTO C U Mujeeb has now offered a comprehensive explanation. It was stated that from the beginning, there were initial suspicions of a technical glitch. With the investigation, it was found that the mysterious woman in the photograph was actually the couple’s 17-year-old son, who was seated in the rear. As per the reports, AI cameras, implemented six months prior to catching traffic offenses, had unintentionally created an illusion that sparked controversy and confusion.

Initially, authorities speculated that the illusory image might have resulted from a technical fault, such as a reflection or an overlap of images. However, Mujeeb’s explanation note clarified that the peculiar image was a consequence of pareidolia. This is a phenomenon where the brain interprets familiar shapes or objects in random patterns. The grayscale photo, coupled with shadows inside the car, created an optical illusion that made the 17-year-old boy appear as a much older woman.

AI Camera and its Pictures

AI Camera that caught a mystery face inside Maruti 800 in Kerala: Mystery Solved By RTO!

Over the last few months, a number of funny incidents have also taken place because of these AI cameras placed by the MVD. In one incident, a picture of a scooter rider with a female pillion was sent to his mother’s registered mobile number. The person in the picture was riding around with his girlfriend and was not wearing a helmet. The female pillion was also not wearing a helmet, and MVD then sent this picture to his mother, who was the registered owner of the scooter. The person then thanked MVD as he did not need to introduce his girlfriend to his mother because of this image.