Nashik man finds snake on his Maruti Ertiga’s windshield while driving: Snake rescued

Monsoon has already arrived in India and several states are already getting decent amount of rainfall. In the state of Maharashtra things are no different. The restrictions due to the second wave of Corona virus has already been relaxed and people have already started travelling as usual. Ratandeep was one such person who was travelling to Madhya Pradesh in his Maruti Ertiga. Everything was normal until he spotted an unusual passenger on his car. On his way to Madhya Pradesh, Ratandeep was startled after spotting a snake on his Maruti Ertiga’s windshield.


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The video of the snake slithering on the windshield has already gone viral on the internet. The video that we have here was shared by abpnewstv on their Instagram page. According to reports, Ratandeep was driving on a highway in Maharashtra and was travelling to Madhya Pradesh. As he was driving the car, he spotted a snake on his windshield. The snake appeared out of nowhere and like any other person, he was also shocked to see it.

His first instinct was to stop the car but, then he was on the highway and it was raining heavily and he saw that there were no shops or people in that place. He did not stop the car and decided to drive on. The snake kept moving around on the windshield for over 2 kilometers until he finally stopped the car. He stopped the vehicle at a market area and waited for the snake to crawl out but, it looked like the snake had other plans.

Nashik man finds snake on his Maruti Ertiga’s windshield while driving: Snake rescued

Snakes are cold blooded reptiles and as it was raining outside, it started looking for a dry and warm place. After Ratandeep stopped the vehicle, snake glided through the car and went under the car through the rear wheel area. After this happened, Ratandeep carefully started his car and then drove to a nearby service center. After he reached the service center, he parked the car on a ramp and then called for snake rescuers. The snake rescuers later came to the spot and took the snake out.

As mentioned above, snakes are cold blooded reptiles and they look for warm and dry placed especially during rainy season. That is why the snakes went under the car as it is warmer. If you are living in  a place where snakes and other reptiles are spotted, it is always a good idea to check the boot and bonnet of the car before starting. In this case, Ratandeep was shocked to see a snake on the windshield but, he did not loose his control over the vehicle and handled the situation carefully. Always look for a spot with less greenery or away from tall grasses to park your vehicle and if you find a snake on your car, it is always a good option to call animal rescue team. handling such situations on your own can be dangerous.

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