Near miss: Pedestrian pulls friend away to safety as tractor overturns on busy road [Video]

There are many examples on the internet that prove how dangerous it is to drive on Indian roads, and how anyone using the road, whether a driver or a pedestrian, should always be careful. We have featured many incidents on our website in the past where careless drivers and riders have caused accidents on the road. Rashly driven cars, motorcycles, or even heavy vehicles like buses or trucks are not uncommon in our country. This often leads to accidents, and in some cases, people even lose their lives. Here, we have a video of two lucky pedestrians who narrowly escaped being crushed under a tractor’s trailer that toppled on the road.

The video has been uploaded by Abhishek Haryana on their YouTube channel. The whole incident was captured on a CCTV camera that was installed on the roadside. There is no audio available, and the exact location of the accident is also not known. From the name of the YouTube channel, we are guessing that the accident happened somewhere in Haryana. When the video starts, we see a girl standing on the roadside, probably waiting for a ride home. After waiting for some time, the girl walks away.

It is clear from the video that it is a busy road, and there were a lot of vehicles on the road. The exact time when this accident happened is also not known. A few seconds after the girl moved away, we see two men walking in the direction where the camera was placed. They were walking on the roadside when two tractors crossed them. Both tractors were being driven rashly. One of the tractors was being driven too close to the median, and as it approached the cut between the median, the trailer’s tyre went over the median, and the tractor lost control.

Near miss: Pedestrian pulls friend away to safety as tractor overturns on busy road [Video]
Tractor trailer topples on the road

The trailer of the tractor toppled to the left-hand side, where the pedestrians were walking. One of the pedestrians came right under the trailer, but his friend wearing the blue jacket pulled him back and saved him from getting trapped under the trailer. Both of them miraculously escaped from the accident. The trailer completely went upside down within seconds. The quick reflexes of the pedestrians saved their lives. The trailer fell right at the spot where both of them were standing. They were extremely lucky to have escaped the accident.

All this happened in just a few seconds. After the trailer toppled, locals rushed to rescue the tractor driver. The tractor, which was pulling the trailer, had also gone down. The trailer of the tractor is made completely of metal and is extremely heavy. It is not clear whether the driver suffered any injuries in this accident. The same pedestrians who narrowly escaped the accident can be seen rushing to the front of the tractor to rescue the driver. In this case, the tractor driver was careless and did not notice the edge of the median. It is also possible that the other tractor, which overtook from the left side, had left the driver no other option but to turn the tractor closer to the median, which again led to the accident. People driving heavy vehicles like this must be extremely careful and should maintain the speed limit while driving inside the city to avoid such accidents.