Near miss with a bus: Risky rider uncle gets Rs 11,000 fine for dangerous riding [Video]

Scooter and two-wheeler riders can be a nuisance on the roads. Cutting through the traffic, riding extremely close to other vehicles and lane splitting is one of the few problems that motorists face on the roads every day. In Kerala, a scooter rider received a challan of Rs 11,000 for riding dangerously on the roads.

The incident was recorded on the dashboard camera of a state-run bus. The video shows how the bus drives on the narrow road of the state. The scooter rider with a pillion rider can be spotted riding ahead of the bus. The footage shows how the scooter rider slows down on the left shoulder of the road and turns right suddenly.

The bus driver spotted the scooter rider just in time and applied the brakes. The bus driver somehow stopped just in time to save the scooter rider. The scooter rider and the pillion escaped without any injuries or any contact with the bus.

The police found the footage floating around on social media platforms and investigated the incident. The police then issued a challan of Rs 11,000 for dangerous riding. According to the law, one cannot take turns without using indicators in India. That is why the challan was issued.

Interestingly, according to Indian laws, one needs to still do hand signals while taking a right turn. That is why you see “No hand signals” on the LHD imported vehicles including Army trucks.

Such incidents are quite common

Near miss with a bus: Risky rider uncle gets Rs 11,000 fine for dangerous riding [Video]

Such incidents are quite common on Indian roads and many of them result in fatal accidents. While overtaking, one should always check the way ahead and overtake only if it is clear and there is enough space. It is always a good idea to wait for the clear road ahead rather than blindly following a vehicle on the road.

Also, since it is quite difficult to get the right of way from the slow-moving heavy vehicles, overtaking from the left is something everyone does nowadays. However, whenever possible, always try to overtake from the right-hand side of a vehicle because that’s the safest thing to do.

One should be extremely careful while overtaking in the mountains. Most people try to overtake on the blind corners which can lead to head-on collisions with vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Heavier vehicles have no visibility

Even though the bus driver sits at a high position, the visibility from the bus is quite low, especially with the small rearview mirrors that most Indian buses use. Some Indian transport vehicles are not in good shape and it is extremely important to stay alert on the road whenever there is a heavy vehicle around.

Always make sure that you maintain enough distance while overtaking a heavy vehicle, including buses. Most of the time, the brake lights of such vehicles do not work properly. Staying alert near such vehicles can prove to be a life-saving decision.

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