Need for speed: Open track day at Buddh Circuit on March 10

Wondered how fast your car can go? Feel that need for speed, to drive at carefree speeds without having to worry about traffic, potholes or a wandering cow? Here’s another opportunity to do so. This weekend the Buddh International Circuit that plays host to F1 is having an open track day on March 10.

The BIC time Trial is open to anyone with a valid driving licence and a car or bike to drive or ride on the track. It’s an ideal opportunity for enthusiasts who love driving or riding, all you need to do is just sign up for either a single session or three sessions on the track and have fun. Also read: CarToq member Akash’s thrilling drive in his Dzire at the BIC

Need for speed: Open track day at Buddh Circuit on March 10

How much does it cost?

The Buddh International Circuit is charging Rs. 4000 per session for cars and Rs. 3000 per session for bikes. One session is of 60 minutes duration. Considering the track is 5.14 km long and you don’t waste too much time in the pits during your session, you can easily do about 15-20 laps of the circuit at the most, given that you can average speeds of about 100 kmph on the track. The faster your car, the more laps you can squeeze in.

You can also book three sessions for Rs. 12,000 for cars and Rs. 9,000 for bikes, giving you four hours of track time. How four? Buddh Circuit is throwing in a fourth complimentary session if you book three sessions, which should then give you ample opportunity to drive upto about 60-70 laps of the circuit, completely satisfying your need for speed. Also read: Ford Fiesta Powershift on Formula 1 track

Need for speed: Open track day at Buddh Circuit on March 10

What are the rules?

Once you’ve registered for the track day, you will be allotted a certain time slot in the day and you have to arrive before that to complete registration formalities. You need to carry your driving licence and car papers, as well as a helmet which is mandatory for both bikes and cars on the track. You also have to sign an indemnity bond before getting on to the track, absolving Jaypee Group and BIC of any responsibility if things go bad.

The track day format is not a race against other cars, although there would be about up to 30 cars per session out together and you need to be careful, watching out for others. Before the track session begins there is a safety briefing by race officials and your cars and bikes would be subject to scrutiny to ensure they are safe enough to go out on the track. Officials will inspect your tyres, brakes and general condition of the car to ensure it won’t be a nuisance or hazard on the track.

The track has safety vehicles stationed all around it and in case of any mishap help will reach you immediately. The session will be paused till the track is cleared, allowing others to continue safely. There is also a standby ambulance and fire service. Since there is no categorization of cars in each session, don’t be surprised to see a Maruti 800 in stock condition driving alongside a BMW M3 – it’s all about having fun. Also read: Tata Vista D90 at F1 track

Need for speed: Open track day at Buddh Circuit on March 10

In addition, there is a go-karting and para-gliding activity at the track and you can also get to go as a co-passenger in a Mercedes SLS AMG for two laps (priced at Rs. 7,500 per person) or for a single lap in a Mercedes C,E or M class at Rs. 1,500 per person.

So, if you’ve got a need for speed, head to the BIC this Sunday and share your experience with us. And if you can’t make it this time, there will be many more track days during the year. Also read: Driving two Lamborghini Gallardos at Buddh International Circuit