NEVER make these modifications to your daily drive car

Modifying a car is not for everyone. There are a lot of other parameters that need to be considered when you modify your car, especially if it’s your daily drive vehicle. If this car is a weekend car or a track car, some of the modifications may make sense, but stay away from these if it’s a daily driver. Here are 8 things you shouldn’t modify in your everyday car.

Turbo-charging a NA engine


Unfortunately, India doesn’t get many turbo charged petrol engines, so a petrol head who is looking to make his NA car faster is at a big disadvantage. There are tuners who are bolting on turbo kits to NA engines to make them much more fun to drive. But, we don’t advise you to do so on your daily drive. If you have a car that you want to enjoy on the weekends, then it is okay. Why? However good the setup and the parts are, there will always be reliability issues. Getting the best state of tune for the turbo is a time consuming process as well. You may have to visit the tuner a few times before the setup is done right. As much fun as they are, it takes a lot of dedication to get this done right.

Lowered suspension


A lowered suspension makes the car look great, especially because the Indian spec cars are raised to cope with the bad roads. But, lowering is not for everyone. Once the car is lowered, you have to be a lot more aware of the surroundings and the craters on the road. The car may not be able to go to all places it used to earlier. Unless you are the sort who drives on well paved roads most of the times, we don’t advise you lowering your daily car.

Putting large body kits


A body kit can transform the way a car looks. It can make a non appealing car look gorgeous. If you are using a car daily, you are going to encounter a lot of bad roads and potholes. If you opt for a large body kit that reduces your ground clearance, it may give you trouble on bad roads. Also, it may scrape in areas with really large bumps which means it will require extra maintenance.

Low profile tyres


Low profile tyres means lesser side wall height. Lesser side wall height means lesser flexibility the tyres has and lesser the amount of soaking up of bumps it can do. Low profile tyres with larger rims will certainly reduce the ride quality of the car. Also, driving a car with low profile tyres on bad roads may cause damage to the rims as well.

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