New 2018 Mahindra Mojo XT 300 v/s UT 300 : Which one to buy and why?

Mahindra re-launched the 295cc Mojo in the Indian market last week in new versions of XT 300 and UT 300. These are being promoted as ‘Xtreme Tourer’ and ‘Urban Tourer’ models and have a price difference of Rs 25,000. Infact, the cheaper UT 300 gets a further discount of Rs 10,000 till 31st March, making it Rs 35,000 cheaper than the XT 300. Lets have a closer look at the similarities and differences between both these Mojo versions

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New 2018 Mahindra Mojo XT 300 v/s UT 300 : Which one to buy and why?

The Mahindra Mojo XT 300 is basically the earlier, single version that was sold in India. The cheaper UT 300 looks identical in terms of design but there are a few aesthetic changes. The UT does not get a dual color treatment for the fuel tank, radiator shrouds, belly pan and the visor. This change suddenly makes the XT 300 look so much cooler! However, given the price advantage, the UT 300 will bring in numbers, something that is the need of the hour. The UT also sits lower by 8.5 mm and has a ground clearance of just 165 mm.


New 2018 Mahindra Mojo XT 300 v/s UT 300 : Which one to buy and why?

In order to cut down on price, the UT 300 misses out on a lot of features. We will start from the front – the UT 300 now sports conventional forks as compared to USD (up-side down) forks seen on the XT 300. Next, Mahindra has ditched the expensive Pirelli tyres for Indian made MRF ones. The rear tyre is also narrower at 140mm as compared to 150cc seen on the Mojo XT 300. We all loved the dual exhaust set-up of the XT 300, something that also gave it a rather good exhaust note – this is now missing on the UT 300 as it has a single exhaust set-up to keep price and weight down – this has gone down by 1.5 kgs.


Another area where Mahindra has been able to shave off costs is the engine. The Mojo XT 300 and UT 300 make use of the same 295cc single cylinder engine but the latter now comes with a carburetor as compared to fuel injection on the XT. This will not be a welcome change for tourers are Fi is known to adapt to changing weather conditions easily. High altitude riding and cold weather starts call for fuel injection.

Further, the maximum power has come down to 22.7 bhp from 26.8 bhp, a drop of 15%. Likewise, maximum torque has dropped by 16% to 25.2 Nm as compared to 30 Nm on the XT 300. We are sure this will reflect in real world riding and performance will take a hit.

Both the versions continue to use a 6-speed gearbox and rider aids like 320mm front and 240mm rear disc brakes which is a good step.


The low cost Mojo UT 300 is priced at Rs 1.49 lakh (1.39 lakh till 31st March) while the XT 300 is just 16% more expensive at Rs 1.74 lakh. It looks better, has more features and offers better performance which is a boon for touring. If you happen to purchase the bike on a typical 3 year loan, the difference in EMIs will be under Rs 800 which is a nominal amount to pay for the improvements. The reason why we would pick the Mojo XT 300 as the better buy here