New 2023 Hyundai Verna compared with the old Verna sedan on video

Hyundai Motor India recently launched the all-new 2023 Verna, which has been extremely well received by the people in the country. However, this fact has not stopped them from comparing it to its predecessor. The previous generation Verna was also a crowd-pleaser and was loved by many, making it sensible to stack both of them against each other. Recently, Ayush Verma uploaded a video comparing the old and the new Verna on their YouTube channel.

The video shows both mid-size sedans next to each other, starting with beauty shots of the new Verna. The presenter then begins comparing the two sedans, starting with the front fascia of both cars. He mentions that the new one looks a lot more futuristic and that the new Hyundai vehicles from now onwards will look more or less like the 2023 Verna. He adds that viewers can notice the old Verna styling in the front as well. It looks a lot more simpler and cleaner and has these massive headlights which the new Verna misses out on.

Following this, he talks about the size of the new Verna compared to the old Verna, stating that the new Verna is longer and wider and boasts a much larger wheelbase. For those unaware, the new 2023 Verna currently has the largest wheelbase of any other sedan in its segment. He then compares the side profiles of the cars and states that the new Verna has a lot of creases on its body, while the older Verna, inspired by the fluidic design language, had only a single soft body line on the side. Moving on to the rear, he mentions that the old Verna and the new Verna both look beautiful and unique. He adds that he prefers the alloy wheels of the old Verna more than the new one.

New 2023 Hyundai Verna compared with the old Verna sedan on video

Following the exterior comparison of the cars, the presenter sits inside the older gen Verna. After getting inside, he mentions that it feels a little outdated compared to the new one. He states that the screen placement and the design of the dashboard make it feel less driver-oriented. The display and the tech also seem outdated, and the cabin feels cramped. The presenter adds that the rear space is negligible.

He then sits inside the cabin of the all-new Verna and immediately states that it feels much newer and better. The layout of the dashboard, the dual-tone theme, and the large cabin make it feel a lot more open and airy. He then states that the quality of the materials, the design of the screens, and the airflow of the air conditioner are all extremely amazing in the newer gen car. He shows around features like ambient lighting, Bose surround sound speakers, and heating and cooling ventilated seat controls. He then plays around with the infotainment screen and mentions that it is buttery smooth. He also shows a ton of other new highlights of the new Verna.