Petrol Pumps Will Automatically Fine You Rs 10,000 If You Don’t Have Valid PUC

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In India, it is not uncommon to find people breaking laws and using vehicles without proper documents. Cops often conduct drives to nab such offenders and issue fines. Pune has now developed a new system that will automatically issue a challan against your vehicle if it does not have a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate. The system will impose a fine of Rs. 10,000 on the vehicle.

Petrol Pumps Will Automatically Fine You Rs 10,000 If You Don’t Have Valid PUC
PUC center

The system uses several cameras installed at the petrol pump. These cameras will track the registration number of the vehicle. Both petrol and diesel vehicles will be monitored by this system. It will then check for the Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate. If the vehicle has a valid PUC, it is considered safe. If the certificate has expired, the owner of the vehicle will receive a notification on their registered mobile number to pay a fine of Rs. 10,000. Not only will they issue a fine but, these vehicles will also be flagged for registration blacklisting.

It is not clear whether the petrol pumps will get AI cameras to implement this system or if they will simply monitor the cameras manually and look for details. Drivers or owners of these vehicles will also receive notifications or alerts on their phones if their PUC certificate is about to expire or if it has already expired. Driving vehicles without proper documents is quite common in India.

This is not the first time we have come across a move like this from the authorities to ensure that everyone follows the rules. In Kerala, the state government has installed 726 AI cameras across the state. These were installed as part of the Safe Kerala project to reduce the number of accidents and casualties in road accidents.

Petrol Pumps Will Automatically Fine You Rs 10,000 If You Don’t Have Valid PUC
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The AI camera was implemented to automate the process. It would detect violations and send pictures to the control room, where officers would issue challans after reviewing the images.

Not wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler incurs a fine of Rs. 500, while tripling results in a Rs. 1,000 fine. Using mobile phones while driving incurs a Rs. 2,000 fine, and driving without wearing a seat belt incurs a Rs. 500 fine. Overspeeding and illegal parking result in fines of Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 250, respectively.

This is the case in Kerala. In many North Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, the authorities have released circulars to not give petrol to bike riders who are not wearing a helmet. People have even found ways to beat the system.

Petrol Pumps Will Automatically Fine You Rs 10,000 If You Don’t Have Valid PUC

Some of them were seen wearing silly things like a bucket just to get the petrol filled. According to the circular released, if the pillion is found without a helmet, even then the filling stations will not allow filling petrol.

The AI camera system implemented in Kerala is currently facing several issues, and there are chances that it might soon shut down. Similarly, the petrol pumps in Uttar Pradesh followed the no helmet, no petrol rule for some time, and after a few months, things are back to where they were before. We hope the new automated system for the PUC doesn’t face such a fate and people follow the rules and keep the documents up to date.