New DC2 modified Mahindra Thar on video

DC2 which was earlier known as DC Designs is a well-known name in the vehicle modification circle. DC2 has done several exterior and interior customisation on cars and SUVs. They even did a modification based on the all-new Mahindra Thar. The DC2 modified Mahindra Thar is called the Hulk and it gets several exterior and interior modifications. Like most DC2 modified vehicles, Mahindra Thar also gets a very different looking exterior design. Here we have video that shows how a DC2 modified Thar looks.

The video has been shared by Autocar Garage on their YouTube channel. It mentions that this is India’s only DC2 modified Mahindra Thar which is not true. DC2 has built several Mahindra Thar Hulk SUVs and we have featured many of them on our website in the past. It has several changes when compared to a regular current generation Thar. The main difference on this SUV is visible on the front-end. The car gets completely redesigned and rugged looking front-end. The bonnet has been reworked and so is the front grille. It now gets a short but wide custom made front grille.

The stock round headlamps are nowhere to to be seen. The bumper is also a custom made unit and the headlamps are no pushed to the fender of the SUV. The fender itself is a custom made unit and there are LED headlamps in it. The bumper does not come with any fog lamps or auxiliary lamps. The fenders are now wider than before and they add to the muscular look of the car. The bonnet as mentioned above has a scoop which is not present with the stock version. The roof has been customised anf it now comes with Hummer like marker lamps in it. The Thar seen here is completely black and that looks extremely good.

New DC2 modified Mahindra Thar on video

Coming to the side profile, the stock 18 inch alloy wheels have been replaced with blacked out alloy wheels and the wheels are wrapped in chunky looking off-road spec wheels. The rear fender of the Mahindra Thar has been customised as well. the foot board of this Mahindra Thar is actually a continuation of the fender that joins the rear fender flare. At the rear, the bumper has been replaced with a custom made unit and teh tail lamps are customised too. The spare wheel is still mounted on the tailgate and it is the same aftermarekt unit.

Not just the exterior, interior of this Mahindra Thar has been customised as well. DC2 has given the cabin a Red theme which is extremely different. The stock seats have been replaced as well. It gets a sporty looking bucket seats at the front and rear. The dashboard, door pads and the leather upholstery all get the red theme which adds to the sporty look of the car. DC2 is all about customisation as per customer preference. If the owner or the customer wants a different type of customisation, we are sure that DC2 will be happy to do that. Current generation Thar is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. Both engine options offer 4×4 and come with manual and automatic transmission options.