New-gen vs Old-gen Mahindra Thar: Which one is better off-road? [Video]

Mahindra Thar is one of the most popular 4×4 SUVs available on sale in India. Even the previous generation Thar was and is still a very common sight in many off-road adventure groups. We all can agree that the new generation Mahindra Thar is a huge improvement in terms of looks, features and is also more capable than the older model. We have seen several off-road videos of both new and older generation Mahindra Thar. Here we have a video where both old and new generation Thar go off-roading. This video shows how different both the SUVs behave on the same terrain.

The video has been uploaded by iam brintow on his YouTube channel. In this video the vlogger is driving his older generation Mahindra Thar and his friend is in the current generation diesel automatic Thar. They are driving in a private property which is actually a hill. There are tracks build by cutting sections of the hill and the soil on the track is loose and also has several rocks. This makes the steep inclined a lot more challenging. First SUV to climb up the slope is the old generation Mahindra Thar.

Vlogger who was driving the old Thar is actually experienced when compared to his friend. He climbs up the slope in his old Thar without any major problems. After climbing up, he guides his friend to drive up in his new generation Thar. Vlogger’s friend was having difficulties in climbing this section. He was not able gain momentum which was required to climb up. After several unsuccessful trials, it was found that the Thar was being driven in Auto mode which was not letting the vehicle hold on to a single gear.

New-gen vs Old-gen Mahindra Thar: Which one is better off-road? [Video]

Vlogger asks him to switch to manual mode and put the car in second gear. His friend did the same and after couple of tries, new gen Mahindra Thar also came up the slope. Just after the climb, there was actually a hairpin turn which is quite challenging specially for the older generation Thar. Once again, old Thar was the first to go up. The hairpin turn was quite challenging as the older generation Thar came with no electronic aids. Once again momentum was the saviour here. Vlogger drove his Thar with some momentum and he somehow managed to reach the top of the stretch in his second atttempt. It was definitely loosing traction at places but the 4×4 system was pushing the car forward.

Next was the new generation Thar. Vlogger asked him to drive up the hill slowly. his friend slowly comes to the hairpin turn and without any effort the SUV starts crawling up the same hill. Vlogger can be heard over the radio asking the driver to not let go off the accelerator. Unlike the older generation Mahindra Thar, the new one comes with Mechanical Locking Differential for rear axle and Brake Locking Differential at the front. This helps a lot while off-roading. If any of the wheels start spinning freely, the engine would cut power from that wheel and would send it to other wheel which has more traction. It is clear from the video that new generation Thar had to put in less efforts while off-roading.