New Honda CBR250R vs Yamaha Fazer 25 vs Bajaj Dominar: Who should buy what

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India recently re-launched the CBR250R in India with a BS-IV engine. It may be noted here that the CBR250R was discontinued almost a year ago when the Government made it mandatory for all two-wheelers to comply with BS IV emission standards. A lot has happened ever since. The Bajaj Dominar 400 has appealed to the touring folks while the new Yamaha Fazer 25 has become a popular option for all those looking for a decent fully-faired motorcycle that is sufficiently capable in the city as well as on the highway. But the equation changes with the return of the CBR250. Our New Honda CBR250R vs Yamaha Fazer 25 vs Bajaj Dominar post here highlights which of these three motorcycles excel in some key areas.

Want a comfortable touring bike for long distance riding – Honda CBR250R

New Honda CBR250R vs Yamaha Fazer 25 vs Bajaj Dominar: Who should buy what

No matter how hard Bajaj Auto Ltd tries to project the Dominar as the ultimate touring machine, it’s actually the CBR250R that’s the best option for the long-distance journeys. True, it’s not as powerful as the latest Bajaj flagship but it offers higher refinement levels and a full-front fairing. Also, it’s a very reliable machine that is unlikely to break down in even the most challenging conditions. The CBR250R is clearly a far more accomplished tourer than both other motorcycles.

Want a really very reliable machine – Honda CBR250R

There’s really no match for the CBR250R when it comes to the overall reliability. Honda is known for offering some really reliable machines and the CBR250R is no different in this aspect. The Fazer 25 isn’t much behind either but we would still want to put our money on the baby-CBR.

Want a city focused bike – Yamaha Fazer 25

New Honda CBR250R vs Yamaha Fazer 25 vs Bajaj Dominar: Who should buy what

At 154 KGs, the Fazer 250 is the lightest of the three. It also offers a very refined motor. The torque delivery is pretty linear and the motorcycle offers a relaxed riding experience. It is also the most frugal of the lot when ridden in congested traffic. It offers a tight turning radius in spite of a front fairing.

Want to ride for the longest distance without stopping for more fuel – Yamaha Fazer 25

With a fuel tank capacity of 14-liters and an ARAI-tested mileage of 41.3 kmpl, the Fazer 25 has the highest range among the three. It can travel for 578.2 kms on a single tank of fuel. In comparison, the Bajaj Dominar 400 has a 13-liters fuel tank and can travel up to 338 KMs. The Honda CBR250R also has fuel tank size of 13-liters and can travel for 377 KMs.

Want a good mix of engine performance and fuel mileage – Yamaha Fazer 25

Among the three, the motorcycle that really offers you the best of both the worlds is the Yamaha Fazer 250. It’s not too powerful but its engine is a smooth unit that is adequately punchy. You also get a high level of refinement and a very comfortable ride. Moreover, the Fazer 25 is the cheapest and also offers the highest mileage.

Want the highest no. of features without spending too much – Bajaj Dominar 400

New Honda CBR250R vs Yamaha Fazer 25 vs Bajaj Dominar: Who should buy what

The fully-loaded Bajaj Dominar 400 is almost Rs 40,000 cheaper than the ABS-equipped CBR250R. Yet, it offers many more features than the Japanese motorcycle. Of course, the highlight of the features list is the Dual Channel ABS but the equipment on offer also includes some premium bits like an all-digital speedo console and the LED headlight

Want the quickest motorcycle – Bajaj Dominar 400

The Bajaj Dominar enjoys a clear displacement advantage over the other two motorcycles. Powered by a 373.2 cc motor that outputs 35 PS-35 Nm, the Domniar ends up being much more powerful than the CBR (26.5 PS) and the Fazer 250 (20.9 PS). No surprise, then, that it’s also the quickest to the 100 kmph figure. The Domniar can reach 100 kmph from standstill in just 8.23 seconds.

Want an enthusiast focussed motorcycle – Bajaj Dominar 400

Thanks to the most powerful engine among the three, the Dominar is also the one for the enthusiasts. The KTM roots along with good ergonomics and a well-sorted suspension make the Dominar adequately fun in the corners. True, the high kerb weight is quite a put-off but the performance advantage makes up for it.