New Hyundai Creta: What international journalists think about the compact SUV

Creta is one of the those product from Hyundai that took the market by a storm. Ever since it was launched in India, it has been the segment leader and the new generation model that got launched last year is no different. In India, Hyundai Creta competes with cars like Kia Seltos, Nissan Kicks, Renault Duster, MG Hector in the segment. Hyundai also sells Creta in international markets. In fact, the current generation Creta was first made available in Chinese market and then it came to India. Here we have a video that shows what international motor journalists think about the new Hyundai Creta.

The video has been uploaded by IGNITION on their YouTube channel. The video is presented by Juliet McGuire, who is a motoring journalist from South Africa. She has spent some time with the new Creta and looks pretty happy with the car. She starts by talking about how popular Hyundai Creta was in their market when it was launched. The market has grown tremendously since then and now in order to stand out from the crowd, Hyundai had to do something different.

That is where the styling comes in. Hyundai Creta has polarising design. It is a design that some may like and some may not but, if you spot one on the road it will be hard for you to ignore. In comparison to competition, the Creta is offering more space in the segment. She has been using it for some time and says that she can easily fit her family in the car without a problem.  Even after fixing a child seat at the rear seat, there is enough space for the co-passenger in the front.

New Hyundai Creta: What international journalists think about the compact SUV

She then talks about the interiors of the Hyundai Creta. The cabin looks decent with white and black dual tone theme to it but, personally she feels that the dashboard area looks very bland. It looks unlike India, Hyundai is not offering their top-end variant in African markets. She mentions that even the top-end version does not get an automatic climate control. The version she is driving in the video also gets a smaller touchscreen infotainment screen in comparison to what we have in India. It is also missing on features like fully digital instrument cluster.  The version Juliet is driving does not get panoramic sunroof as well. She mentions that she did not like the positioning of the AC switch. She feels it Hyundai could have utilised that space smartly.

Hyundai offers Creta with 1.5 litre petrol and diesel and a 1.4 litre turbo petrol engine options. Juliet is driving the diesel version. She has no complaints about the engine and says that the engine feels very refined and power delivery is quite good as well. She is also impressed with the amount boot space that Hyundai is offering in Creta. Overall, she is impressed with the SUV and calls it a great product. Hyundai is also working on a facelift for Creta and the same has been spotted testing internationally.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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