New Hyundai Elite i20 (& all Hyundai cars & SUVs from now) will come with dustbins, on popular demand

Starting March 2018, Hyundai India will be the first car maker to introduce dustbins as standard on all cars and SUVs sold here. This ‘Swachh Move’ initiative from Hyundai is based on customer demand. Through this move, Hyundai also hopes to support the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a nationwide cleanliness initiative started by the Modi-led government.

New Hyundai Elite i20 (& all Hyundai cars & SUVs from now) will come with dustbins, on popular demand

Hyundai conducted a survey whose results indicated that 98 % of car buyers cared about cleanliness and that 95 % of them wanted portable dustbins on cars. After this survey, Hyundai decided that it’ll offer portable dustbins on all its cars and SUVs from March 2018, and will also sell these dustbins as accessories through its dealerships.

Shahrukh Khan, Hyundai’s brand ambassador in India, launched the automaker’s ‘Swachh Can’ dustbins at the Auto Expo 2018, and said,

I admire Hyundai for their socially relevant campaigns that are so pertinent to every individual. Swachh Can is a simple yet powerful idea and I would like to request every single car owner to go ahead and use it and play their role in the Clean India Movement.

Aftermarket portable dustbins have been available for a while but this is the first time that a car maker is India offering such dustbins as standard. Aftermarket portable dustbins are not expensive. You can buy one for about Rs. 200, like this example from eCommerce website Amazon.

Using such dustbins will certainly keep the car cleaner as there won’t be bits of paper and other waste materials lying on the floor of the car. Moreover, people in the car will not be tempted to throw waste on streets, making India cleaner as well in the process. We hope more car makers in India take cue from Hyundai and offer such portable dustbins on their cars as well.