New i10 hatchback called Hyundai Brilliant to be launched in October

Hyundai is apparently planning to launch the updated i10 with a new name this October. Some time back it was reported that the new Hyundai i10 would likely be called “Hyundai Brilliant” and will slot in just above the current Hyundai i10 and below the Hyundai i20 in terms of price positioning.

This Hyundai i10 has been spotted testing many times around the country, with the latest set of spy photos appearing on Motorbeam. The new Hyundai i10 looks significantly bigger than the present i10 and would therefore seem as a logical upgrade choice to customers. However, given that the price points of the Hyundai i10 and Hyundai i20 also overlap, it will be interesting to see to what degree the new Hyundai “Brilliant” would cannibalize sales of the old i10. It’s quite possible that Hyundai may drop prices on the older car to directly hit the Maruti Wagon-R. Also read: Upcoming cars from Hyundai for 2013

New i10 hatchback called Hyundai Brilliant to be launched in October

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Another interesting point is that Hyundai’s diesel engine plant in India would soon start churning out diesel engines locally. And one of the engines that would be made at the plant is a 1.1 litre diesel unit that would fit perfectly under small hatches such as the new Brilliant and possibly the older i10 as well, giving buyers a diesel option among small hatchbacks as well. Currently, the only small hatchback with a diesel engine is the Chevrolet Beat. It will also likely feature the current 1.2 litre petrol engine that puts out about 84 bhp of power as its standard petrol engine. Also read: Upcoming small diesel cars to launch in 2013

Hyundai will likely make even the Hyundai Brilliant quite feature rich, as it has done with the rest of its model line up – so expect things like Bluetooth audio, parking sensors, reverse camera and other goodies on its top-end variants.

The Hyundai Brilliant would likely see a starting price point of about Rs. 4.75 lakh going up to about Rs. 6.25 lakh, over lapping the top-end Hyundai i10 variants and the lower-end Hyundai i20 variants. Prices of the current Hyundai i10 may be dropped further during the festival season. Also read: New Hyundai Santa Fe spy photos

Source: Motorbeam