Watch the new Mahindra Bolero NEO’s Mechanical Locking Differential in action

Mahindra launched their all-new Bolero Neo compact SUV in the market last month. It may look like a rebadged version of TUV300 but, Mahindra had made several changes to the SUV to differentiate it from TUV300. One of the main difference is the chassis itself. Mahindra has also made some cosmetic changes to the Bolero Neo to give it a slightly different look. What makes Bolero Neo superior or probably the most capable 2WD SUV in its segment is MTT (Multi-Terrain Technology) or MLD. It is actually a feature that is quite useful while you are driving off-road. Here we have a video that shows how the MLD in the all-new Bolero Neo works.

The video has been uploaded by Power On Wheel on their YouTube channel. Before we start explaining much about the video, let’s have a quick look on what MLD or the Mechanical Locking Differential actually does. While driving off-road, the possibilities of wheels getting stuck are very high. At times, one of the wheels spins freely in air. In this case, Bolero Neo is a rear wheel drive SUV and if any one of the rear wheel gets stuck, MLD gets activated when the driver accelerates.

The wheel which is in the air or is stuck stops spinning when MLD is activated. The power that was being sent to the freely spinning wheel is then sent to the other wheel which is their on the ground and has traction. The wheel that has traction smoothly gets the SUV out from such tricky situation. MLD works when the wheel which has no traction starts spinning freely over a particular RPM. In this video, vlogger drives the SUV on an off-road zone where the MLD can actually work.

Watch the new Mahindra Bolero NEO’s Mechanical Locking Differential in action

In the video, Bolero Neo is driven on a track with deeper ruts in it. One of the wheel was always in air while driving through this section. The MLD can be seen doing its job. As the driver accelerates over a particular RPM, MLD gets engaged with a thud sound. After this, the wheel with the traction gets all the power and the SUV moves out without any problem. Mahindra Bolero Neo is the only compact SUV in the segment to get this feature.

It should be noted that Mahindra is only offering the MLD or MTT with the top-end version of Bolero Neo. Mahindra Bolero is based on a third generation chassis and that has definitely improved the handling capability of the SUV on off-road conditions. Bolero Neo gets halogen headlamps with LED DRLs, revised front grille and bumper. Fog lamps, 15 inch alloy wheels, spare wheel mounted on tailgate and so on.

Not many changes have been made to the interior of the Bolero Neo. It multi-function steering wheel, dual tone dashboard, touchscreen infotainment system, analog instrument cluster with MID and so on. Mahindra Bolero Neo is available in N4, N8, N10 and N10(O) variants. It is powered by a 1.5 litre mHawk diesel engine, The engine generates 100 Ps and 160 Nm of peak torque. It is available with a 5-speed manual gearbox as standard.

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