New Mahindra Thar can easily climb stairs, but should you do it?

Mahindra launched the much-awaited all-new Thar last year in the Indian market. The demand of the Thar went through the roof soon after that and currently, there is a waiting period of about a year on the vehicle. Still, there are many owners who have already received the delivery of the vehicle and are trying out some extreme moves with the vehicle. While we have seen the videos of Thar doing dune bashing, river crossing and more extreme things, here is a video that shows two Mahindra Thar climbing different stairs or steps. But is it safe? We explain.

The two videos of Mahindra Thar are from different locations. The first video, which is a longer one shows the Thar climbing electricity poles that are piled and kept on a roadside. The stacked poles were kept in a way that they make stairwell.

The Mahindra Thar owner got onto the stairs quite easily. The owner approached the stairwell with one tyre at a time and got onto it with directions from a person who was standing outside. The video says that they had to engage the 4X4 Low in between. But we think with enough momentum and better tyre grip, it could have done without the low gear ratio. Nonetheless, it sure shows the capability of the Thar.

The second video shows the Mahindra Thar climbing straight onto the stairs at night. This time, the Thar approached the stairs straight and both the wheels hit the first step at the same time. It climbed up a few steps and then got down. No issues at all. However, there can be a few problems that can happen while doing such stunts with the all-new Mahindra Thar or any other capable off-road vehicle.

But should you do it?

Why not, if your vehicle can do it, right? Well, if you do not want to spend a lot on the repairs in the future, restrain yourself from taking your vehicle to the stairs for fun. Here are a few reasons for not doing it and increase the life of your vehicle. These are based on the experiences of other all-new Thar users and people who have done serious off-roading in this vehicle.

Suspension damage

New Mahindra Thar can easily climb stairs, but should you do it?

The all-new Thar has ditched the very sturdy but uncomfortable leaf spring for Independent Double Wishbone type suspension. Now, they provide great comfort but they have limitations too. Putting them under stress by climbing stairs can reduce life and even break them.

Risk of tipping over

Climbing any uneven surface has the risk of tipping over. But the chances are more when they are stairs and you start to climb them sideways. Steeper stairs will just tip the vehicle over. SUVs are top-heavy so they can tip over easily when compared to the sedans.

Location of the radiator

The all-new Thar gets a plastic sump guard and the location of the radiator is quite low. Due to the change of regulations, Mahindra now offers only plastic bumpers and that can break easily. Since the location of the radiator in the all-new Thar is quite low, it can definitely get hit and start to leak. It is not a pocket-friendly repair too.