Fortuner rescues stuck Thar: But there is a simple answer!

All-new Mahindra Thar has been popular among enthusiasts community ever since it was launched in the market last year. The demand for this compact 4×4 SUV is increasing day by day and Mahindra has also increased the production to meet rising demand. Thar has improved a lot and that is one of the reason why it has so many takers. It is currently the most affordable 4×4 SUV one can buy in the country. Ever since it was launched, we have seen several off-road and review videos of Thar online. Here we have a video that shows a Mahindra Thar stuck in snow being rescued by a Toyota Fortuner.

The video has been shared on 4×4 INDIA Facebook group. The video shows a new generation Mahindra Thar stuck in snow. The driver in Thar can be seen trying to bring the vehicle out from snow.  After seeing the video, many initially thought that this was a mistake. However, according to information that later became available, that was not the case.

All wheels are in the snow and SUV is not able to come out as it is there is not traction. The driver drove into the snow intentionally as he was learning, and trying out how the 4×4 actually functions. The driver is a new off-roader and is learning. It was the first time he had driven into snow. The front wheels had dug themselves in the snow whereas the rear wheels were above it. It is clearly visible that there is no traction and they are also not using snow chains or any other wooden plank to provide grip.

This is all entirely normal, and to be expected when someone goes offroading as a beginner. No mistakes from the driver here! We are thrilled to see that the new Thar is encouraging a lot of people to buy an SUV and try offroading for the first time.

Even after several attempts, the Thar was still stuck. Then a pre-facelift Toyota Fortuner SUV approaches and ties Mahindra Thar from rear. Once the SUVs are tied, Fortuner slowly starts to back up and pull the Thar out smoothly. Toyota Fortuner did it easily without any problem. As the Fortuner was on a road it had enough traction to easily pull Mahindra Thar.

Fortuner rescues stuck Thar: But there is a simple answer!

The video is actually a very good example on why you should always travel in group. If Mahindra Thar was travelling alone to such unforgiving terrains alone, then things could have got worse. Snow is one of the most trickiest surfaces to drive on. Throttle input should be gentle and so should be the braking. Any sudden a change in input will result in car losing its control. If Thar owner had no backup vehicle with him, then he would have been stranded there. In such mountain roads, you won’t find many vehicles passing by specially when it has snowed.

Mahindra Thar is a very capable SUV but, there are some limitations too. It can be driven on almost all-terrains, if some changes are made to it. For example Mahindra Thar seen in the video did not have snow chains on it. Snow chains provide better grip to any SUV that is being driven on the such surfaces. There are spikes on snow chains that dig themselves into the snow and do not let the car loose traction. Tyres and air pressure also play a crucial role in such situations. Mahindra Thar is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. Both the versions are available with manual and automatic transmission options.