New Mahindra Thar: What you need to know before buying one

People were waiting eagerly when it was revealed that Mahindra will be launching a new and improved generation of the Thar. The homegrown manufacturer launched the new-gen Thar in 2020 and it has been a huge success and icon in the Indian market. Mahindra themselves was not expecting the SUV to be such a hit. However, it is not a SUV for everybody. There are several reasons behind this.

Here, we have a video uploaded on YouTube by Musafir Aka Joshi. He shares the reasons why someone he knows sold a Thar in just 10 days. The vlogger himself owns a Diesel Automatic and the Thar that was sold was equipped with a Petrol Automatic. In the video, the vlogger explains the reasons why the person sold his Thar Petrol AT.

New Mahindra Thar: What you need to know before buying one

Heavy steering

The vlogger says that the owner of the Thar felt that the steering of the Thar was very heavy. The owner of the Petrol AT Thar feels that the steering is very heavy. He has even compared it to his 2017 Mahindra Scorpio. He says both of them come with a hydraulic power steering but the Scorpio’s steering is lighter than the Thar. This means that the driver has to put in the extra effort while taking u-turns or while driving on hills where the driver needs to turn the steering wheel again and again. The owner has also driven the Diesel AT and he says that the steering wheel of the Diesel Thar is lighter than the Petrol AT. The reason behind this is not mentioned in the video. However, there could be a fault with the Petrol Thar.

Body roll

The second reason that the person mentions is that the Thar has a lot of body roll. The reason behind this is the ladder frame chassis that the Thar uses. We have seen ladder-frame chassis on proper 4×4 vehicles. Body roll happens because of the weight transfer and it can make the ride uncomfortable while going through a turn. In simple words, when the driver turns left the occupants are thrown towards the right side. It makes the vehicle less enjoyable. Moreover, the person that is the owner of the Petrol AT Thar primarily uses sedans because of which he feels that there is so much body roll. SUVs have significantly more body roll than sedans. Having said that if someone is coming from vehicles like Maruti Gypsy or previous-gen Thar then the new-gen Thar seems like a big improvement. The main reason behind this is the previous-gen Thar used leaf springs whereas the new Thar uses independent up front and multi-link rear suspension.

Not comfortable

Thar has been designed as a proper 4×4 vehicle. The primary focus of the vehicle is to go off-road. The owner said that he thinks the Thar is not comfortable. Well, the person also owns a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Honda City 5th Gen so it makes sense why the owner thinks the Thar is not comfortable.

Not a family car

Yes, the new Thar might come with front-facing rear seats but that still does not make a proper family car. The rear occupants have limited legroom and it is strictly a four seater. Moreover, the rear occupants need to first slide the front seats forward to get into the rear seats which can be cumbersome. The owner also feels that the rear occupants feel claustrophobic and the AC’s air do not reach the rear occupants.

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