New Maruti Suzuki Swift bags 1 lakh bookings: Here’s why India’s buying the car like crazy

The new Maruti Suzuki Swift is a super hit. Proof lies is the 1 lakh bookings that the hatchback has amassed in just 10 weeks of bookings opening across India. This is one of Maruti’s best booking performances ever, which shows how much demand exists for the new car. To meet the huge demand, Maruti has made its Gujarat factory a hub to build the Swift, even moving back the production of the Baleno to Manesar.

New Maruti Suzuki Swift bags 1 lakh bookings: Here’s why India’s buying the car like crazy

At this rate, waiting times for the new Swift could stretch to many months as there’s no way that Maruti can produce one lakh Swifts so quickly. It can’t produce more than 20,000 Swifts each month from Gujarat as the factory currently has been configured to produce 150,000 cars each year, expandable to 250,000 cars/year. So, even Maruti will have to work quite hard to meet the huge demand for the new hatchback.

The new Swift is more appealing than ever before due to the various changes the all-new car gets and also the increased number of options. For example, the Swift now gets AMT on both petrol and diesel versions, and this is a big leap from the time when the car didn’t have an automatic option even on the petrol engines variants. Airbags and ABS are standard across variants, and prices start from a competitive 4.99 lakh rupees for the base version.

The new Swift is also more spacious than the older version. The increased wheelbase has resulted in extra legroom while the boot is over 50 liters larger than before. In terms of features, the new car gets the SmartPlay infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, enough to keep the smartphone generation happy. Keyless entry is a premium features. Customization is now possible in a big way, and many accessories can be bought from dealerships, which means that people buying lower variants can also pick and choose features.

Via TheHinduBusinessline