New Maruti Swift: 10 things you don’t know about it

The new Maruti Swift is a blockbuster! Maruti Suzuki India Ltd has already managed to garner over a lakh bookings for its latest hatchback and the new Swift looks all set to become one of the most successful cars on sale in the country today. While there’s already a lot of buzz on the latest Maruti hatchback, here are as many as 10 things that no one would have told you about the new Maruti Swift.

New Maruti Swift: 10 things you don’t know about it


Petrol MT Much Quicker

The petrol version of the new Maruti Swift is a lot faster than the earlier generation. Tests show that the new car can hit 100 kmph from standstill in just 11.96 seconds, which is more than 2 seconds quicker than the earlier car’s 14.24 seconds sprint to the ton. Much of this is due to the new car’s lighter platform. The usage of the HEARTECT lightweight platform has lead to considerable weight savings, thereby enhancing the performance and the mileage of the Swift.

Petrol AMT Quicker than Diesel Models

The petrol-powered Swift enjoys a huge performance gain. So much that it ends up being considerably quicker than the Diesel models. Another reason for this is the slight dip in performance of the Diesel-powered Swift but more on that later.

Diesel Model Focussed on Offering Stellar Mileage Figures

The diesel variants of the new Swift offer a really high mileage. Maruti very well recognizes that diesel car buyers look for really high mileage figures and hence, has tuned the car accordingly. You can expect up to 22 kmpl in real-world conditions. This is a remarkable improvement over the earlier generation. However, the new car is slower than the diesel version of the earlier generation. Much of this can be attributed to a taller gearing and the lighter construction. While this has led to a lower acceleration, you do end up benefitting from a significantly higher mileage.

Even AMT can be Fun

The 5-speed AMT available on the Swift, in a manner typical of automated manual transmissions, is nowhere as quick as dual-clutch automatics or even the torque-converter units. However, you can still have some fun by using the manual mode that the transmission offers.

New Maruti Swift: 10 things you don’t know about it

Bigger Boot

The new Swift has a boot-space of 268-liters, which is 64-liters more than what the earlier car offered. This leads to a significant improvement in the luggage-carrying capacity. However, on the flip side, the loading lip remains high while the boot floor is low, which means there’s still some scope for improvement left.

Lower Turbo Lag

The earlier versions of the Swift were marred by a lot of turbo lag. The new Swift Diesel, however, offers a much more linear power delivery. That said, you do need to downshift for quick overtaking maneuvers and sudden bursts of acceleration. Also, those addicted to the rather addictive turbo kick after colossal lag on the earlier generation Swifts would be slightly disappointed.

Ride Quality

A major improvement over the earlier model is in terms of ride quality. The new Swift exhibits a more matured ride than its predecessor. While you still don’t get the proverbial magic carpet ride, the Swift has made a remarkable improvement in this aspect. The suspension can absorb most of the undulations with ease. The ride quality improves as speeds rise and both the petrol and the diesel models exhibit a pretty good ride quality.

Steering Lacks Feel

The Swift has always been known as a rather sporty performer that offers decent road handling characteristics. While the new Swift is more stable at high speeds and the body-roll is still well-contained, the steering lacks any feel whatsoever. The electric power steering is devoid of feedback and feels disconnected from the wheel. This means you don’t feel confident enough while pushing this car hard into the corner. Forget high speeds, even at city speeds, the steering feels just too disconnected and won’t return to the center. The performance enthusiasts will be disappointed.

Excellent Mileage

It’s not just the Diesel model that impresses with the mileage. Even the petrol model offers stellar fuel economy. This should please a huge majority of the new car buyers. As per the official figures, the petrol model of the new Swift can offer up to 22 kmpl while the diesel model can go on to offer 28 kmpl. Even if you look at the real world mileage figures, both the petrol and the diesel models can offer a really stellar fuel economy. This should really please our mileage-conscious car buying lot.

New Maruti Swift: 10 things you don’t know about it

Price Overlap between Swift and Baleno

The new Swift is slightly costlier than its predecessor. This places it very close to the Baleno hatchback. There’s a definite price overlap between the two cars. For example, the base variant of the Baleno petrol (Rs 5.4 lakh) undercuts the Swift VXi (Rs 5.87 lakh) by a significant margin. There’s a similar overlap even between other models. Even the Swift VDi (Rs 6.87 lakh) is pricier than base Baleno Diesel (Rs 6.57 lakh). Hence, buyers of the new Swift can choose a slightly more premium car by compromising on some of the features.