All-New Maruti Swift with 17, 18 and 20 Inch Aftermarket Alloy Wheels [Video]

Swift modified

Maruti Suzuki recently launched the new generation Swift in the market. Bookings had already started, and it appears that deliveries have also begun. The Swift has always been a popular hatchback in modification circles. We have seen several tastefully modified examples of the previous generation Swift hatchbacks from India. Here, we have three new Maruti Swift hatchbacks modified with 17, 18, and 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels.

The video has been shared by Velocity Tyres from Ludhiana, Punjab. We all know that the alloy wheel game is pretty strong in Punjab. For most car buyers, this is one of the first modifications they often go for, opting for a bigger wheel size to enhance the overall look and make the car stand out.

The first video shows a Maruti Swift with several Maruti genuine accessories. It seems the owner has opted for chrome garnishes around the fog lamps, ORVM covers, and a couple of other options. It looks like the car seen here is the lower variant, as the turn indicators are mounted on the fender, and the car also lacks body-colored door handles and DRLs.

The stock 14-inch wheels on the Maruti Swift were replaced with multi-spoke 17-inch aftermarket units. The 17-inch rims do not look too big and fit well inside the wheel arch. However, it is quite possible that the tires might rub against the wheel arch when driven through rough patches.

Next is another Maruti Swift in white, also modified with a 10-spoke aftermarket alloy wheel finished in brushed metal. This is an 18-inch unit, with the aftermarket wheels wrapped in low-profile tires. The car does appear a bit taller than the stock version of the Swift. It seems the workshop made some changes to ensure that the large 18-inch wheels do not rub against the wall.

The third Maruti Swift in the video takes things to the next level. The car is fitted with dual-tone 20-inch alloy wheels with a flower petal design, a popular design among SUVs like the Thar. However, this is probably the first time we have seen this modification on a Maruti Swift. It should be noted that the Maruti Swifts seen in the videos and images are all different and belong to customers.

It appears that the bumper of the car was slightly chopped from the bottom to ensure that the wheels do not touch it while turning. Spacers were likely installed to ensure the wheels fit perfectly.

However, this has forced the wheels to come out of the body line. Maruti comes with 14-inch wheels for the lower variant, while the higher variant gets 15-inch units.

While installing bigger wheels might offer the car a different look, it should be noted that the ride quality and handling of your car may suffer. It could also reduce the life of some components in the car, as they were not meant to handle such big wheels. Also if you are planning to buy alloy wheels, look for branded ones as low quality one can break easily and would cause accidents. These are some of the first modified Maruti Swifts in the country, and in the coming days, we hope to see more examples.