New Maruti Swift or Baleno: Who should buy what?

The new Maruti Swift looks like a superhit! With already over a lakh bookings in just about three months, the latest hatchback from Maruti Suzuki is well on its way to becoming the most successful generation of the Swift ever. The new Swift really has a lot going for it. However, it commands a slight premium over its last iteration, which brings it dangerously close to the Baleno. However, in spite of a price overlap and even the same engine options, there’s a lot that separates the two Maruti bestsellers. Our new Maruti Swift vs Baleno comparison here should help you pick the one that suits you the best. Read on.

Want Better Performance?

New Maruti Swift or Baleno: Who should buy what?

While the Swift looks sportier of the two, it’s actually the Baleno that’s a better performer. This would come across as a surprise to you as both the cars get the same engines. Also, both the cars have exactly the same kerb weight. Yet the Baleno is faster to the ton, if only by a small margin. The petrol-powered Baleno has a maximum power of 85 PS along with a peak torque of 115 Nm. It tips the scales at 880 KGs. On the other hand, the petrol-powered Swift offers 83.3 PS and 113 Nm. Even the Swift weighs 880 KGs. However, thanks to a slightly lower state of tune, it’s 0.65 seconds slower to the ton. It also has slightly lower in-gear acceleration times. The diesel variants of both the cars have 75 PS and 190 Nm. The Baleno is, however, 0.4 seconds faster to the ton. It also offers a similar advantage with in-gear acceleration timings.

Want Better High-speed Manners?

The Swift has been known for offering a good mix of ride quality and decent handling manners. Surprisingly though, it’s the Baleno that offers better dynamics. The bigger hatchback is more planted at high speeds, much of which is due to the longer wheelbase. Unfortunately, steerings of both the cars are vague but it’s actually the Baleno’s steering wheel that feels a bit less lifeless.

Want Better Ride Quality?

New Maruti Swift or Baleno: Who should buy what?

Between the two, it’s actually the Swift that offers a better ride quality. The Baleno isn’t bad in this aspect but it’s actually the new hatchback that feels a tad better. While the Baleno’s ride gets a bit firm on sharp undulations, the Swift offers a more comfortable ride quality over rough surfaces.

Want a Sporty Ambiance?

New Maruti Swift or Baleno: Who should buy what?

The Maruti Swift has always been known for the sporty design it offers. The new-gen Swift is no different in this aspect. Its exterior design looks a lot more mature now but retains the design theme of its predecessors. Moreover, the sporty design theme has been carried over to the interior, too. The new Swift shares its dashboard and many other interior panels with the new Dzire. However, an all-black theme and the circular central aircon vents make all the difference. Moreover, bits like hooded instrumentation and flat-bottom steering give a very sporty touch to the interior. On the other hand, the Baleno feels more premium due to its dashboard design, faux silver trims, and colored MID. That said, the Swift is the one if you want a sporty interior ambiance.

Want More Features at Almost Same Price?

While both the cars get a long list of features for their top-end trims, it’s the Baleno that offers more features. The surprising bit, however, is that the price difference between the fully-loaded trims of the Swift and the Baleno is only marginal. The top-end variant of the petrol-powered Baleno is only Rs 7,000 costlier than the top-end Swift petrol. On the other hand, the top-end diesel-powered trim is about Rs 21,000 more expensive. But for the premium you pay, you get a handful of additional features like ambient lighting, tilt and telescopic adjustable steering (Swift gets only tilt), auto-dimming rearview mirror and height adjustable front seatbelts.

Want More Space? 

New Maruti Swift or Baleno: Who should buy what?

The new Swift is considerably more spacious than its predecessor. It offers a lot more cabin space and luggage-carrying capacity. However, the new car is still no match for the Baleno. The Baleno offers more legroom, more shoulder room and even more headroom for both the front and rear passengers. Also, thanks to a larger greenhouse, it even ends up feeling a lot airier. The new Swift offers a boot space of 268 liters, which is 64 liters more than what the last-generation offers. The Baleno, however, simply outclasses the new Swift in this aspect with a boot volume of 339 liters.

Want Affordable Automatic Petrol?

For the first time in 3 generations, the Swift is available with an auto ‘box. The company is offering the new Swift with an optional AMT on the mid-level trims. AMTs are cost-effective units that don’t bump up prices by a huge margin. Also, unlike more premium torque-converter/CVT units, they don’t affect the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Hence, all those who have been waiting for a feature-laden B-segment sedan that offers automatic gear shifts and a comfortable ride can opt for the new Swift. The AMT-equipped Swift petrol is far cheaper than the CVT-equipped Baleno petrol and even offers a higher mileage.

Want a More Premium Automatic?

While the Swift AMT petrol is cheaper to buy and run than the Baleno automatic, AMTs aren’t very high in terms of refinement. The Baleno CVT offers smooth and lag-free performance. Hence, those looking for a more premium drive experience should opt for the Baleno automatic.

Want an Automatic Diesel?

The Baleno diesel is available with a 5-speed manual transmission only. There’s simply no option of going for an automatic transmission. This is where the Swift enjoys a big advantage over the Baleno. You can buy the mid-level trims of the diesel-sipping Baleno with an AMT. The diesel AMT variant not only offers the convenience of automatic gearshifts but also doesn’t have an adverse effect on mileage.

Want a Higher Mileage?

While both the cars come with the same engines and even weigh the same, it’s the Swift that offers a slightly higher mileage. This is due to to the fact that Maruti Suzuki has tuned the engines of the new-gen Swift to offer a higher mileage in return for a slightly lower performance. The manual transmission-equipped Baleno petrol offers an ARAI-certified mileage of 21.4 kmpl. In comparison, the Swift petrol manual variants offer 22 kmpl. The diesel variant of the Baleno offers 27.39 kmpl. On the other hand, the Swift diesel offers an even higher ARAI-certified mileage of 28.4 kmpl.