New Maruti Swift or Baleno; Who should buy what!

The 2018 Maruti Swift has been unveiled. Bookings are officially open, and deliveries will start from next month, just after the price announcement. Prices are likely to be similar to the outgoing model (Rs 5-9 lakhs) – add Rs. 50,000 per variant for the AMT models. Both the Swift and Baleno are relatively new hatchbacks in the B-Segment. And this has potential for confusion among buyers. We make it simpler for you with this story – Who should buy what?

On a tight budget? 2018 Swift!

New Maruti Swift or Baleno; Who should buy what!

Prices haven’t been announced but it’s clear that the Swift (A non-NEXA car) will sit well below the Dzire in terms of price and positioning. This also means that it’ll be priced much lower than the Baleno premium hatchback, with prices likely to start from a little under Rs. 5 lakhs. In other words, the 2018 Swift will be perfect for those on a tight budget.

Want space? Baleno

New Maruti Swift or Baleno; Who should buy what!

The Baleno pulls one back by being more practical of the duo. If offers more space, and for people who want a more comfortable car at a slightly higher price, the Baleno scores over the 2018 Swift, which is much more compact and biased towards the driver and front passenger. The Baleno, with a roomier back seat, makes a solid case for itself.

Want something totally fresh? 2018 Swift!

New Maruti Swift or Baleno; Who should buy what!

The 2018 Swift is totally fresh, and is something that’ll turn heads at least for a year more. The Baleno on the other hand, has been around for a couple of years and given the sheer number of Balenos on Indian roads, the car no longer attracts a second glance. If you’re novelty value, it’s the 2018 Swift all the way.

Want affordable convenience? Swift Petrol AMT

For the first time in 3 generations of the Swift, Maruti has finally offered an automatic option. Instead of going with the more expensive torque converter/CVT automatic, Maruti has opted for a cost-effective and fuel efficient AMT on the new car. The Swift 1.2 Petrol AMT will be a lot more cheaper than the Baleno CVT, in terms of pricing. So, if you want a peppy, affordable hatchback that’s very convenient for city driving, the Swift Petrol AMT is what you need.

Want convenience with refinement? Baleno CVT!

AMTs are not the most refined of automatics. In terms of sheer refinement, nothing compares with a CVT automatic. The Baleno has two such variants on offer, both with its 1.2 liter petrol motor. If you want a ‘smooth-easy’, the Baleno CVT is what you should drive home.

Want a diesel automatic? Swift Diesel AMT

The new Swift does have a crucial advantage over the Baleno – a diesel automatic option. The Diesel AMT variant marries convenience and affordability with the frugalness of diesel. This combination is for those who want something very easy to drive that’s also very easy on the pocket. With this variant, you can have your cake, and eat it too.

Want a fun-to-drive hatchback? Swift 1.2 Petrol MT

New Maruti Swift or Baleno; Who should buy what!

The Swift Petrol is about 80 kilograms lighter than the outgoing variant, and the weight saving makes a big difference in terms of performance. The car accelerates faster than the outgoing model and the 1.2 liter petrol engine loves to rev to the moon. Add a balanced chassis, slick gearbox and taut suspension to the equation, and what you get is a totally involving car – the Swift 1.2 MT.

Can spend a bit more for fun? Baleno 1.0 RS

New Maruti Swift or Baleno; Who should buy what!

If you can stretch your budget, there’s a much faster Maruti hatchback available – the Baleno 1.0 RS. The car features a 1 liter turbocharged petrol BoosterJet engine, with 101 Bhp-170 Nm on tap. The motor gives the Baleno RS the ability to do the 0-100 Kph sprint in just about 10 seconds.  The Swift is at least 2-3 seconds slower. Get the drift?