New Renault cars will not cross 180 km/h: Here’s why

Groupe Renault has announced that its future vehicles will be restricted to a speed of 180 km/h. All the future Renault and Dacia cars in the global markets will have a restricted speed limit of 180 km/h. Renault’s Group CEO, Luca de Meo announced the new plan at the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) roadmap in April.

New Renault cars will not cross 180 km/h: Here’s why

Renault will cap the speed of all its cars including the Dacia branded vehicles on sale globally. The maximum speed these new vehicles will be able to achieve is 180 km/h. The move is similar to the Volvo, which announced a similar plan for its future cars last year and new Volvo vehicles have started to arrive with the new speed limit.

The new announcement is made to ensure better and safer roads. Renault has also announced new safety tech in its cars. One of them is the Safety Coach that will process the road and traffic data to inform the drivers of potential risks on their route. It is will give real-time warnings.

Renault will also offer the new ‘Safe Guardian’ tech. It will automatically trigger in the event of a clear and present danger. The system will trigger in various scenarios like loss of control of the vehicle or taking a corner too fast. The system will take over the vehicle and will return the car to a safe driving mode. Renault has not explained the technology but this system may utilise autonomous driving technologies in its cars.

Also, Renault has announced that the cars will be equipped with sensors that would analyse driving data and will provide drivers with safety scores, to help and promote safer driving practices among the drivers. Also, to make it easier for the first-responders during an accident, Renault will put a QR code on its vehicles. It will provide all the information about the vehicle. It will also provide structural information about the vehicle to help passenger rescue time.

Renault in India

New Renault cars will not cross 180 km/h: Here’s why

In India, Renault offers quite a range of vehicles including the all-new Kiger compact SUV. The vehicle has become quite popular in the Indian market the waiting period has crossed several months. Renault is currently working on fulfilling the demand for the Kiger in the Indian market.

Renault does not have any plans to launch new cars in the Indian market in the near future. However, the manufacturer may launch its electric vehicles in the Indian market through the CBU route. But Renault has not commented on a launch timeline. So we cannot comment on the launch of these vehicles in the Indian market yet. Renaut does have the Kwid EV in the Chinese market and it can serve as a perfect city car in the Indian market.