New road sign in Bengaluru has commuters confused: Traffic police responds

Image of a new road sign in Bengaluru has gone viral on the internet. A road user spotted the new sign and he shared the image of the same online. The new road sign got commuters confused and in order to put an end to all the confusions, Bengaluru traffic police has now come forward to explain what the sign actually means. The new sign board on the road consisted on four black dots in a white background. The twitter user who posted the image online had also tagged city traffic police department as well.

After the image went viral, Whitefield traffic police station responded to the Twitter user and explained the meaning of the sign. Whitefield Police Station replied, “Dear Sir, That is a Cautionary sign board which tells about a possible blind person likely on the road. Exercise caution while driving. There is a blind school at Hopefarm junction where this board is placed. Regards.”

After the department responded the actual meaning of the road sign, many Twitter users came forward saying that they were not aware about this sign. Many appreciated department’s efforts to put up the new sign board. There were several other users who thanked Bengaluru police for educating them about the sign. Some of them came up with suggestions and said that the current sign is too confusing and they should consider changing it to something that a layman can understand.

As English is not the native language in India. Placing a board with English text might be an issue. Not everyone might be able read and understand what is written on the board. At times, these texts might even distract driver from the road. This is one of the reason why signs are used on  boards as it is a lot more easier to understand. Well in this case, we all can agree that we have not seen many road sign board that are installed for blind people. The road sign and commuters getting confused was all genuine as this is a sign that you don’t normally see on the road.

New road sign in Bengaluru has commuters confused: Traffic police responds

Even if you don’t find any sign boards on road, it is always a good idea to ride or drive cautiously on Indian roads. You never know what might come in front of your vehicle around the next corner. Things that you might find on Indian roads other than vehicles are cattle and even jaywalkers. If you escape all these, there is always a chance that you might find a person driving on the wrong side of the road.

Recently we had shared an article on our website where a careless biker was miraculously saved after a Maruti Swift driver skillfully avoided him. The biker carelessly rode a motorcycle to the road without checking traffic from both ends. The car driver who was driving at a good speed spotted the biker very late and he immediately slammed the brakes and tried to turn the car away from the biker. The car missed hitting the biker by a very small margin. Both driver and the biker escaped without any injuries.

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