New round of crash tests by Global NCAP. Kwid and Mobilio tested

Over the past year, there has been a lot of chatter on vehicle safety. Quite a few Indian cars were tested by Global NCAP and were found to be unsatisfactory. In a fresh set of crash tests that were conducted, the Renault Kwid and the Honda Mobilio were tested. For those who don’t remember, the Kwid was previously tested and had scored 0 stars. So how did the cars fare this time around?

Renault Kwid

1 star, 8.28/17 


Finally, the Kwid gets a 1 star rating. The vehicle was tested for the forth time and featured driver’s side airbag and seat belt pretensioners. With this update, there has been added reinforcement to the frontal structure, however only to the driver’s side and not passenger’s side.

According to the report, the protection offered to the head and neck of the driver was good courtesy the airbags however the protection to the chest was inadequate. Sadly though the body shell continues to be rated as unstable.

Honda Mobilio

o stars, 0/17


There were 2 Mobilios tested. Let’s start with the more basic one. This one tested was the base version which didn’t feature any safety features. The body structure was deemed stable though.

Due to lack of airbags though, both the driver and passenger received less protection. The head and chest had inadequate protection and the passenger’s knee was prone to injury from the dashboard.

3 stars, 9.85/17


The top of the line variant with airbags scored a good 3 stars. The vehicle also had seatbelt pretensioners. The body structure was rated as stable as well.

Both the driver and passenger had good protection to the head and neck where as that to the chest area was adequate. This shows that by just adding airbags, the same car can protect occupants in a better way. Same was the case with the VW Polo.

*Vehicles were tested at 64 kmph.

More detailed report here: Link