Check out three brand new Royal Enfield Bullet 350X TVCs [Video]

Royal Enfield is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to the retro looking, but modern motorcycles. Royal Enfield is the segment leader for motorcycles with 350-cc or above capacity engines. Royal Enfield had also introduced India’s most affordable twin cylinder motorcycles; Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 and just like other Royal Enfields they have also created a niche for themselves and are doing well in terms of sales.

Check out three brand new Royal Enfield Bullet 350X TVCs [Video]

Royal Enfield recently re-introduced their bullet range of motorcycles with a different paint job n the tank or what Royal Enfield calls it the Royal Enfield Bullet 350X or RE Bullet 350X ES. The manufacturer has priced the new 350X bullet at Rs 1.31 lakhs, ex-showroom. Royal Enfield has now released few commercial videos of the same bullet 350X range on their channel.

The first Video is in context to the recent Kerala floods, The Malayalam news channel audio playing in the background confirms the same. the rider then can be seen picking up the keys and riding away with his black colored Bullet and then suddenly the road ahead of him is blocked as a tree falls on the road. he then takes an alternate route which is filled with potholes but cruises through them easily and reaches the camp. This is where the TVC reveals the identity of the rider as doctor who is helping the people suffering because of the rains and floods.

Second video starts on a dining table of a small family and then a notification comes up on the phone. There is an awkward silence and the man suits up in his army uniform and prepares to leave. it is then his eyes fall on the red color Bullet X standing outside his house. his wife gives him the keys and he happily rides away on his mission.

The third video is a bit different. A girl can be seen going through some papers in a library and then when she walks out, a couple of boys sitting on a bike start observing her as she walks towards them. she stops right in front of them and wears the helmet which says Royal Enfield. The boys are surprised and look at the bike and her couple of times and she asks them to leave the bike and she rides the Royal Enfield back to her home.


The Bullet 350X simply gets a few cosmetic changes over the regular Bullet. The main differences are the blacked-out parts that replace the shiny chrome parts of the Bullet. Even the engine block is now black alongside the parts like crankcase. The wheels are identical to the standard Bullet 350 and there are alloy wheels available with the bike. Mechanically, the bike remains untouched. It gets powered by the same engine that powers all the other Royal Enfield 350s in the Indian market. Just like other manufacturers, Royal Enfield is also working on BS6 compliant engines and BS6 variants have been spotted testing on roads a couple of times.

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