New Safari owner posts happy video after Tata Motors sends technician home to fix problem

Tata has started delivering the all-new Safari and there are a lot of customers who have already started clocking in a lot of miles on the Safari. Well, there are many who have started getting their vehicles for regular servicing. Here is an experience of a Tata Safari customer who took it for first servicing and came back frustrated. Post this, Tata Motors’ service centre took care of the matter. Here is what happened.

The video All in One Entertainment shows that he reached the Tata dealership with the all-new Tata Safari but after the servicing, the car came back with depleted level of DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid. This is an important fluid that contains urea and is very important to keep the emission levels down. The instrument cluster of the Tata Safari shows a warning that the level of DEF is low and it will only go a few hundred kilometers.

After the DEF is empty, the car does not starts. Also, the exhaust emission reaches a much higher level without the DEF. He sounded quite annoyed and said that how come the service centre did not notice the low level of the DEF.

He then visited the service centre the next day. When the Tata showroom employees told him that it will take an hour to re-fill the DEF, he again got upset and said that this job takes only two minutes and an hour is too long of a time. However, they did fill the DEF and took the money from him for the same. Since it is a consumable, the customer needs to pay for the same.

Tata officials visited the next day

After he raised the issue with the Tata service centre, a few officials from the showroom visited his home too. They asked about the incident and what exactly happened. They even inspected the billing documents of the Safari. The officials then apoligised to the owner of the Safari and said that it was a mistake from their side. They even said that the service manager and the mechanic did not coordinate and that is why it happened.

In the second video, the owner seems to be quite happy by the visit from the officials. He said that this is the only thing that a customer wants and expects from a manufacturer. They also said that the Safari is new car and the service centre mechanics did not know their way around the product. That is why the mistake happened. The officials even clicked a few pictures with the Safari and the owner of the car.

New Safari owner posts happy video after Tata Motors sends technician home to fix problem

The all-new Safari comes with a 2.0-litre Kyrotec diesel engine that is also doing duty on the Harrier. The engine produces a max power output of 170 PS of max power and a peak torque output of 350 Nm. It is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed torque converter automatic gearbox which only transfers the power to the front wheels. The higher variants also come with a terrain response system.