New Swift bookings cross 108,000 but production back on track

Maruti Suzuki Swift bookings have reached a record-breaking figure of 1,08,000 bookings. But normal production of the new Swift is back on track. This means the waiting periods are not going to be extended any further.CarToq spoke to Maruti dealers across the country to get a sense of the current waiting period.

What does this mean for you as a buyer and how will those who have already booked the Swift be affected? Let’s take a look.

The company resumed regular production yesterday as the 33-day long strike of the workers in Maruti’s Manesar plant (where Swift is produced) came to an end on October 1st.

Waiting period not to go up more

CarToq spoke to Maruti Suzuki dealers pan India last week. As per their feedback, the average waiting period of the Swift’ petrol variants ranges from 2- 6 months while the average waiting period of Swift diesel ranges from 4-10 months depending on the dealer location. Here’s a table with waiting periods for the Swift across major cities.

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Production normalizes

New Swift bookings cross 108,000 but production back on track
Photo: The diesel variants of the Swift have a longer waiting period than the petrol ones

On September 24th, the company announced that it had produced 700 units of the Swift that day. The company is estimated to have produced 17,200 units of the Swift in a month at this production rate (during the strike). However, since the strike has come to an end, the production of Swift will reach an average of 1,200 units per day or roughly 25,000 Swift cars per month. At this rate, the company can clear the back log within 5 months.

Consistent rise in demand

Bookings for the new Maruti Swift have increased hence there are fewer chances for the waiting time to reduce in the near future. Which means, the waiting period may not increase further but the present waiting period of the Swift which is, 2-10 months depending on variant and region will prevail. Before the launch of the new Swift in August 17th, the bookings had reached the 50,000 mark and have now reached 1, 08,000 in just 6 weeks.