All-new Tata Safari SUV rendered in Army-spec

Tata Motors announced a few weeks ago that, they will be bringing back the iconic Safari name in there upcoming SUV. The SUV which was earlier known by Gravitas will now be officially known as Safari. It is a known fact that, the upcoming Safari is actually a 7-seater version of the Harrier that was launched in the market couple of years ago. Tata will be officially launching the Safari on 26th January 2021. Tata has already commenced the production of Safari and the SUV is expected to reach dealerships across the country by the end of this month. Ever since Tata has released studio images of Safari, we have come across several render images where the SUV is being re-imagined in other avatars. Here we have a render image the shows how the new Safari would look like, if it were to be used by the Indian Army.

All-new Tata Safari SUV rendered in Army-spec

The render image has been shared by IAB on their website. The render image simply shows how the SUV might look like, Indian Army were to use it as their official vehicle. This is just a render image and it is highly unlikely that the  Indian Army would even consider the new Safari as their official use. The main reason behind that is because it does not come with 4WD system even as an option. Tata has said that they might make some changes in the future to accommodate a 4WD or AWD system in the SUV.

Coming back to the render, the artist has removed all the chrome elements from the SUV. Those elements are either blacked out or changed to body colour. The body colour of the SUV has also been changed. It now gets Military green paint job which looks great on the car. Overall design of the SUV remains the same as regular Safari. Some changes or modifications have been made to suit the job. All the glass areas are now protected with mesh. There is a large LED bar on the roof for better illumination at night. Several antennas for wireless connections have also been installed on the Safari. The army version of the Safari does not get alloy wheels. It runs on black steel rims with military green colour cap in the center. Other than these changes no other modification are seen on the SUV.

Indian Army is currently using the discontinued Safari Storme which was specially designed and manufactured by Tata Motors for the Army. Coming back to the all-new safari, it is based on the Harrier 5 seater SUV. It is longer and taller than regular Harrier and offers a third row of seat. The SUV will offer features that we have seen in Harrier already. It will get a panoramic sunroof, electrically adjustable seats, auto-dimming IRVMs, JBL speaker system, touchscreen infotainment screen, leather seats and so on. The Safari will be available in 6 and seater options. It will be powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates 170 Ps and 350 Nm of peak torque. The Safari is expected to get both manual and automatic transmission option.