Unhappy with service, owner uses new Tata Safari to collect garbage

In a recent shocking incident from Rajasthan, an owner of a Tata Safari gave his SUV to the municipal corporation for serving it as a trash-collecting vehicle. The owner made this strange move, for he was facing repetitive issues related to the brakes of his Tata Safari.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Harsh Vlogs, we can see the owner speaking about his troubled Tata Safari. He claims that his Tata Safari has been facing issues related to the brakes of the SUV and has got the brakes changed a couple of times. However, despite that, the brakes of the SUV kept on fading sooner than expected, which forced him to take his SUV repetitively to the authorized service centre.

After failing to get a permanent solution from the technicians at the authorized service centre for this issue, and being harassed by the repeating failure, the owner decided to use it as a trash-collecting vehicle. In the video uploaded, the owner is requesting the people passing by to throw their trash on his Tata Safari.
Cases of lemon cars in the past

Similar incidents have happened before!

Unhappy with service, owner uses new Tata Safari to collect garbage

Such troubled cars, which suffer from repetitive mechanical failures of a particular part or system, are coined as ‘lemon cars’. Previously, many car owners have attempted such stunts to gain the attention of higher authorities of a car manufacturing company and the potential owners of the vehicle. And the Tata Safari is not the only premium car to suffer from such trouble – in the past, cars like MG Hector, Skoda Octavia and Ford Endeavour also have faced such an issue.

In developed countries, there is a ‘lemon law’, which says that any such defective car should either be replaced with a new vehicle or the owner should be given suitable compensation for the amount which he has spent for buying the vehicle. However, there is no such law present in India. However, in recent times, carmakers have been extra conscious of keeping a check on quality and have been carrying out required steps, like making a recall and replacing faulty parts under the warranty period.

Unhappy with service, owner uses new Tata Safari to collect garbage

In the case of Tata Safari, it looks like it is a clear failure of the braking system of the SUV, which might be possible due to a manufacturing defect. As a corrective measure, the SUV should have its braking system replaced by the authorized service centre, as the Safari seems to be in its warranty period.

Such instances not only tarnish the image of the car and the carmaker but also unnecessarily harasses the car owners for poor service, which can be rectified easily.

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