New Toyota Camry Can Save America 18 Crore Litres of Fuel: Here Is How!

Yes, that is quite possible. It might be 10 crore litres perhaps, or maybe more. But it is very likely that the new Toyota Camry hybrid can save America that huge quantity of petrol!

New Toyota Camry Can Save America 18 Crore Litres of Fuel: Here Is How!

What explains this? Two things – the very high sales numbers of the Camry in US, and the fact that the new Camry is going hybrid-only. Take those two with historical data and some projections, and this is what you get! Jalopnik has done the math for you – and its quite fun to speculate whether this would actually happen or not.

Now the details. Toyota recently unveiled the seventh-generation ‘widebody’ Camry (XV80), which will exclusively use a hybrid powertrain, eliminating the long-standing V6 option. The petrol Camry is highly popular in the US. Despite a declining sedan market, Toyota’s Camry remains dominant, being the fifth-best-selling vehicle in the U.S. in the previous year with 295,201 units sold. Just for comparison, total number of cars sold in India in October 2023 is 3,90,853.

This move to hybrid-only by Toyota for Camry is seen as significant for Toyota in the U.S. market, comparable to the introduction of the Prius in 2001, as hybrids have evolved substantially in the past 22 years.

The transition to a hybrid-only lineup for Camry will significantly improve fuel economy and could influence other automakers to focus on fuel-efficient vehicles over electric vehicles. But that is secondary – we are not counting that in this calculation.

New Toyota Camry Can Save America 18 Crore Litres of Fuel: Here Is How!

Toyota Camry Sales Breakdown and Fuel Use in America

In 2022, 7% of Camrys sold were V6 models, 11% hybrids, and the rest four-cylinder models. The annual fuel consumption for these models was calculated using average American driving mileage. The 2022 Camry V6, Hybrid, and standard models consumed an estimated 40,487,936.6, 33,914,906.4, and 398,047,043.9 liters of fuel annually, respectively.

Next-Gen Camry’s Efficiency

The upcoming hybrid-only Camry is expected to be more fuel-efficient than its predecessor, possibly 9% more efficient, mirroring improvements seen in the Prius from previous generation to current generation..

The 2025 Camry Hybrid is estimated to achieve 52 MPG (22.1 km/L). If we assume that the new Camry will sell as much as the current Camry in the market, then we get this – The new Camrys are expected to consume about 289,684,341.4 liters annually.

This shift to the more efficient hybrid model alone could lead to a savings of about 182,947,996.4 liters annually for the United States.

Now that was a fun calculation, right? What about us though? Well, so far there is no indication that the new Camry would launch in India too – but who knows. But there is no way it can sell those numbers in India – the Toyota Camry comes to India as a CBU (Completely Built Unit) attracting very high customs and excise duties – and at prices approaching or above Rs 40 lakhs, sales will be abysmal. Not to mention that India has almost given up on sedans and have embraced SUV bodystyle across all segments. And we know, by looking at the pricing of Toyota Fortuner, that Camry – even if it is built in India – will be too costly. It does not make sense for Toyota to create the manufacturing facilities needed for a sedan in the current market anyway.