Newly married couple in Pakistan dump car for JCB: Video becomes viral

Most individuals want to do something unique at their wedding. While some try makes the wedding happen at unusual places like under the sea or on the top of a skyscraper, this groom had different plans for his wedding. The bride and groom arrived on the loader of JCB to his wedding creating a buzz on the Internet.

The video is from Pakistan’s Hunza Valley. The 40-second video shared by a journalist in Pakistan shows a man riding on the loader of a JCB. The couple reached the wedding venue by standing on the JCB’s loader.

The friends and family welcome the groom in pure amusement as he reaches the destination on the excavator with his wife. There are even big chairs or sofas kept on the loader for the newly married to sit. However, they stood on the loader as a few people are hanging from the excavator’s driver’s cabin.

The JCB is also decked up with flowers and other decorating materials. It sure is a unique way of reaching the wedding venue and make people around you talk about the wedding.

The same happened in India

The exact same incident of a newly married couple taking the JCB ride happened in India too. The incident happened in Karnataka. A JCB operator decided to use the JCB from his wedding with his partner.

There is also a video and it shows the crane decorated with flowers and balloons, just like a wedding car. The couple can be seen sitting in the loader while it passes through the streets. Even though the idea was conceptualised by the husband and his friends, Chethan has revealed that his 22-year old wife was not as excited as him with the idea. She was scared initially to sit in the loader but Chethan ensured that there is nothing to worry about and they should go ahead with the idea.

Newly married couple in Pakistan dump car for JCB: Video becomes viral

The couple sat in the loader throughout their way home from the wedding venue. It is not known how long they travelled this way but it did involve driving on public roads. The procession was seen driving at a slower speed in the video but we cannot confirm if the speed remained the same throughout.

Even though it may seem like a fun idea, the couple was sitting in the loader without any safety harness and any sudden acceleration or braking could have caused a disaster. While it is a unique way of celebrating the occasion, one should always take care of safety while doing such stunts on public roads.