Newly-wed couple ride back on a Royal Enfield after simple wedding: Cops gift them [Video]

The COVID-19 lockdown across India has caused a lot of inconvenience to the daily life of people. The mandatory lockdown that is affective till 3rd May currently to reduce the spread of the virus. While the lockdown is ensuring proper social distancing, it has also caused a lot of problems for the citizens and their plans like weddings. We have seen a lot of people getting married online due to the lockdown while many others have are ensuring that they have simple weddings without any crowd. In Punjab, a couple chose to do a simple wedding and instead of a big celebration, they used a Royal Enfield Bullet to reach home from the temple.

This video from Punjab shows a newly married couple on a Royal Enfield motorcycle going back to their home on a Bullet. On the way, at a police checkpoint, the cops flag them down and ask them questions on why they are out during the lockdown. On getting to know that they are newly married and are going back to home, the cops gave them a box of sweets and appreciated their efforts too.

The couple said that they took all the necessary permissions to do a simple wedding in a temple. Only five people attended the wedding. It is a big deal because the weddings in North India, especially in Punjab are known to be extravagant. People from far away places join wedding celebrations that go on for days. Well, this simple wedding sure is a big change for such families.

The newly married couple was on the Royal Enfield bike in their shining and gleaming wedding attire. They stopped at the checkpoint and answered all the questions of the police officers too.

Newly-wed couple ride back on a Royal Enfield after simple wedding: Cops gift them [Video]

It should be noted that they had all the clearances from the authorities. Any movement on the roads is not allowed in India due to the lockdown. Only emergency services and officials of the selected sectors that are allowed to work can commute to their offices. Authorities and officials are taking multiple steps to ensure that no one without a reason come out on the roads during the period. In many states, cops have booked people for coming out of their homes without a reason. In Tamil Nadu, the police have seized more than one lakh vehicles of the people who came out during the lockdown.

The current lockdown is an extension of the original lockdown, which was scheduled to end in the mid-April. The new lockdown will end on 3rd May. However, many states may increase lockdown due to the rise in the cases of coronavirus in India. It is essential to stay at home and avoid going out to ensure that the coronavirus does not spread. Even after the lockdown lifts up, people are advised to remain inside their homes and maintain social distancing as much as possible.