Maruti Suzuki’s premium brand Nexa completes six years; 14 lakh vehicles sold till now

Maruti Suzuki started offering premium car buying experience six years ago with the S-Cross. The new brand retail chain got the name Nexa. The first Nexa dealership was launched on 23rd June 2015. Till now, the brand has sold more than 14 lakh units of cars.

Maruti Suzuki’s premium brand Nexa completes six years; 14 lakh vehicles sold till now

The motive behind Nexa retail chain is to offer a “global car buying experience” to the customers. Till now, there are 380+ Nexa outlets across India that cover more than 234 cities across the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said,

“Driven by innovation, NEXA marks the first initiative by an automobile company to go beyond selling cars and create new formats of car buying experiences. It is our constant endeavour to keep reinventing to deliver the NEXA experience to ever-evolving customers in the field of automobile and lifestyle. With over 380 showrooms across the country, NEXA has helped us attract a new set of customers who were earlier not considering a Maruti Suzuki vehicle. The milestone of 6 years and 1.4million customers is a testimony of the trust that our customers have shown us, over the years.”

With the Nexa network of dealerships, the Maruti Suzuki attracted a lot of first-time buyers. In fact, about 70% of the buyers are first-time car owners. Also, Maruti Suzuki claims that nearly half of these customers are under 35 years of age.

The journey of Nexa

Maruti Suzuki’s premium brand Nexa completes six years; 14 lakh vehicles sold till now

The first car to be sold through the Nexa dealership was the S-Cross. In the same year, the dealerships started offering the all-new Baleno. In 2017, the Nexa dealership added the all-new Ignis and later the sales of Ciaz also shifted to the premium network of showrooms.

In 2019, Maruti Suzuki added the XL6 to the Nexa line-up. In 2019, the Nexa dealerships sold 1 million cars or 10 lakh units of vehicles. In 2021, July, the brand has completed a total of 6 years and has sold 1.4 million or 14 lakh vehicles in the Indian market.

Upcoming Nexa cars

Maruti Suzuki will add a slew of more cars to the Nexa network in the future. Even Maruti Suzuki’s first EV – the WagonR electric is expected to sell through the Nexa dealerships. Next year, when the much-awaited Jimny arrives in India, the Nexa dealerships will display the vehicles.

There is a rumour surrounding the launch of the premium version of the WagonR, which will get the name XL5. If that becomes a reality, the Nexa dealerships will get one more vehicle to display. Apart from the Nexa showrooms, Maruti Suzuki also operates Nexa service centres with an aim to provide a premium car servicing experience to the customers. All the Maruti Suzuki car owners can experience the Nexa service stations.

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