Nexon EV owner to Tata Motors: Please take back my car

tata nexon ev owner fed-up

The best-selling electric car in the Indian market – Tata Nexon EV has been a popular model since Day 1. But the Indian roads and infrastructures are not ready to handle electric cars, especially on long-distance journeys. Here is a harrowing experience of a Tata Motor EV owner – Carmelita Fernandes, who wants to give back her car.

Carmelita shared her experience online and said that she is “fed up” with the experience of Tata Motors’ service. Well, we all know she is not the first customer to complain about the customer service of Tata Motors.

She shared her experience online and said how she had multiple issues with her Nexon EV. She mentioned that she took two trips between Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport to Pune completing about 160 km. But her car does not go that long. The owner also shared that the battery of her Tata Nexon EV has already been replaced under warranty once.

Nexon EV owner to Tata Motors: Please take back my car


Further, she complained about the chargers not working on the roads at two posts. One should know that while the distance between Pune and Mumbai is only 160 km, a large portion of that road is full of ghat sections that significantly reduce the battery level. Hence, charging the car between Pune and Mumbai becomes mandatory for cars like Tata Nexon Prime, which comes with a tested range of 312 km.

Car batteries are relatively new in the market, and there is limited customer feedback available at the moment. Tata Motors provides an 8-year or 1.6-lakh-kilometre warranty on the battery pack of the Nexon EV, which raises curiosity about the ownership cost of the vehicle once the warranty period expires.

Charging Infrastructure in India

The electric car charging station network is still in a novice state in India at the moment. While metro cities are seeing development and a rise in the number of fast electric car chargers, the numbers are still not enough to fully support the vehicles.

On longer routes and highways, most charging stations do not work. This is why an electric car with a small range is best suitable for city commutes. While there are more expensive cars with longer ranges, they remain out of the budget for many. It will take years before the Indian roads and highways get the charging infrastructure that can support a large number of cars at once.

The Tata Nexon EV is available in three variants: XM, XZ Plus, and XZ Plus Lux. All three variants are equipped with a front-wheel-drive configuration, featuring an electric motor positioned at the front that generates a maximum power of 129 PS and a maximum torque output of 245 Nm. These variants also come with a 30.2 kWh lithium-ion battery, offering a claimed driving range of 312 km and requiring approximately 8.5 hours for a full charge.