Nexon EV with “Do Not Dispatch” tag resolved: Owner thanks Tata Motors and Dealer

A few days ago, a customer of Tata Nexon EV raised an issue with Tata Motors regarding the ‘do not dispatch’ tag attached to his vehicle before the delivery of a new vehicle to him. In the complaint, the customer, the Nexon EV owner had mentioned that the vehicle delivered to him was attached with a ‘do not dispatch’ tag, indicating that there was a major problem with the vehicle. Citing the fear of getting a defective vehicle delivered to him, the owner had raised the issue with Tata Motors, who has now come up with a clarification on the whole incident.

According to the Sunanda, the owner, the entire issue has been resolved by Tata Motors and has mentioned that the response given to the carmaker on the entire subject was prompt and satisfactory. The Nexon EV owner has mentioned that he has had a long association with Tata Motors, and he hopes to maintain that long association with the Nexon EV.

The Tata Nexon EV owner Sunanda says that the new Nexon EV was delivered to her on January 14th, 2023. However, a week later, she found that the vehicle had a ‘do not dispatch’ tag attached to it, which dated back to 21st December 2022. The tag also mentioned the words ‘for rework’, with the description stating that the vehicle has a major problem, along with a signature.

The owner did not explain how Tata Motors resolved the issue though. It is likely that the car was sent for a thorough inspection at the service centre and when no problems were found, it was sent back to the owner.

No info on the tag

While this warning tag was attached to the vehicle, it did not mention the part number, details of the issue and other information. However, to avoid any adverse situation, the owner had raised this issue with the authorized dealer and Tata Motors, who promptly took an action on it, only to find that it was a case of negligence. It is expected that the tag was placed by mistake, which went unnoticed even during the pre-delivery inspection by technicians at the dealership.

This case throws some light on how important is pre-delivery inspection while buying a new vehicle. To avoid mishaps and as a precautionary measure, a pre-delivery inspection is done, in which the dealership and customer come to know about any possible defect in the vehicle. While this overall issue is an example of pre-delivery inspection gone a bit wrong, we expect that all companies take this stage of the car buying experience a bit more seriously.

Shantonil Nag

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