Tata Nexon owner has almost 3 Lakh km run Indica: Tata Cars are forever?

When Tata Motors launched the Nexon one year ago, there was one family from Madhya Pradesh that bought it without any delay. Cartoq got in touch with one of the family members, Yash Verma, who recently posted on Facebook about why he will always be a Tata owner, in which he talked about his family’s older car, a 2006 Tata Indica v2 turbo with nearly 2.80 lakh kilometres on the odometer, that he drives today.

Tata Nexon Tata Indica 3

Cartoq talked to Yash Verma to learn about his extraordinary Indica and his family’s love for vehicles from Tata Motors and this is what he had to say,

The 2006 Tata Indica Turbo was our first ever family car. In the time since we bought it, the car has been driven for almost 2.80 lakh kilometres. We usually used the car in the city or while moving to our hometown. It was driven for 7 years by our driver. Later, my dad drove it for some time. For the past two years, I have been driving the car to and from college which is around 50 kilometres. The Indica still gives a mileage of 18 km/l in the city without the AC on. With the AC running, the Indica Turbo gives a mileage of around 16 km/l. I recently had all the shock absorbers changed and a major service was done at a Tata authorised service station. It is still a great car and peppier than new cars.

Tata Nexon Tata Indica 4
The Tata Indica V2 turbo’s odometer reading

He also spoke about the Nexon which the family bought last year. Here’s what Yash had to say about the Nexon SUV,

We bought the Nexon last year and it has been driven for around 24,000 kilometres till date. The Nexon is mostly driven by the driver and me. We have done a 2,500-kilometre trip in it and usually cover around 300 kilometres on weekends. It returns a mileage of 21 km/l on the highway. The Nexon is a great product by TATA and is really comfortable to drive in. The performance is fabulous and the only issue we have is the servicing, which is better compared to earlier, but still needs to improve. I love both my gems.

The Indica V2 turbo was first offered in October 2005 alongside the naturally aspirated version of the same 1.4-litre four-cylinder diesel engine as the regular V2. The Indica V2 turbo was produced till 2013 when the V2 made way for the Vista.

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The Indica turbo diesel was offered in two guises with the regular version producing 62 bhp and 122 Nm of torque. The more powerful turbo engine featured an intercooler and cranked out 68 bhp and 127 Nm of torque. The Indica V2 turbo was offered with a 5-speed manual transmission.

With an Indica V2 turbo that is still running, it comes as no surprise that Yash Sharma’s family bought the Nexon without any issue. The Nexon is the latest offering from Tata Motors and marked Tata’s entry into the extremely competitive compact SUV segment.

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The Nexon offers a unique design along with two turbocharged engine options with multiple driving modes. The 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine cranks out 108 bhp @ 5,000 rpm and 170 Nm of torque @ 1,750 rpm. The 1.5-litre turbo diesel, on the other hand, produces 108 bhp @ 3,750 rpm and 260 Nm of peak torque @ 1,500 rpm. Both engines come paired to either a 5-speed manual or an AMT gearbox with the petrol returning a mileage of 17.88 km/l and the diesel delivering 23.97 km/l.