Next-gen Hyundai Verna: What it could look like

Hyundai has started testing the next generation of Verna on the Indian roads. It is expected to launch sometime later this year. Because it is the new generation of the mid-size sedan, it will come with a host of changes to the interior as well as exterior. Here, we have a render of the upcoming Verna.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by My CAR Update. In the video, we can see the front and the rear quarter of the mid-size sedan. It is important to note that the render is based on the imagination of the artist, it is very likely that the final product from Hyundai will look different from the render. The artist has rendered the sedan in two colours. There is a greyish-silver and a red one.

Up-front, there is a split headlamp design. So, the LED Daytime Running Lamps are positioned above and the main headlamp setup is below, in the bumper. There are a lot of cuts and creases in the bumper which makes the mid-size sedan look very aggressive.

Next-gen Hyundai Verna: What it could look like

The LED Daytime Running Lamp also integrates with Hyundai’s new parametric grille. We have already seen this grille design on some new Hyundais that are on sale in the global market. The new grille design will be coming soon to the Venue Facelift, Creta Facelift and the new-gen Tucson too. All these SUVs will be launching in India this year.

Next-gen Hyundai Verna: What it could look like

The red coloured Verna appears to be sportier because of the blacked-out elements on the bumper and the blacked-out grille. So, this could be considered the Turbo variant in the line-up. Also, the body lines are more prominent because of the red colour.

The bonnet is sculpted and sweeps down aggressively. This gives a low-slung stance to the sedan. On the sides, there are new 5-spoke diamond-cut alloy wheels. Hyundai always does good alloy wheel designs.

Next-gen Hyundai Verna: What it could look like

The rear has a very aggressive boot design and a sloping roofline. There are new LED tail lamps which are split units and also have crystalline elements. The rear bumper is relatively simpler with a piano black finish.

Hyundai will launch more vehicles this year.

Venue Facelift & Venue N Line

Next-gen Hyundai Verna: What it could look like

Hyundai will be launching the Venue’s facelift this year. It will come with a new grille design and there would be a new set of LED tail lamps as well. The interior also might have some new changes.

Creta Facelift

Next-gen Hyundai Verna: What it could look like

The Creta’s design is a bit polarizing for a lot of people. They either hate it or love it. So, the manufacturer will be giving it a mid-life refresh with a new front face that will bring it in line with the rest of the line-up of Hyundai cars.


Next-gen Hyundai Verna: What it could look like

Hyundai will also be launching the new gen Tucson in the Indian market soon. The test mules of the SUV have already been spotted on our roads. The new design is a big departure from the current one. The interior will also be all-new. Mechanically, there will be no changes so it will continue to come with the same engine options as the current Tucson.

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