Next-gen Suzuki Alto, WagonR & Vitara: Launch timelines revealed

Maruti Suzuki has been offering a wide variety of cars in the domestic market for quite some time. They are also the largest car manufacturer in India. Apart from India, Suzuki also sell their models in international market and are manufactured in Japan. According to some reports, Suzuki Japan will soon be introducing new/next-generation models for Alto hatchback, WagonR hatchback and Vitara SUV. The next-gen version of these models are expected to be launched in the market by December 2021.


As per, the first model to be launched will be the Alto hatchback. The international version of Alto is different from the one sold in India. The ninth generation of this hatchback is all set to be unveiled by December 2020.

The car will retain its lightweight platform and is expected to be offered with a R06D type engine which is a 658-cc unit and generates 48 Bhp. Suzuki might also introduce a sportier version of Alto known as Alto works in the market. while the regular Alto will use a naturally aspirated engine, the sportier version will be getting a turbocharged version of the same.


Another vehicle that is sold internationally is the WagonR hatchback. This too is different from the version sold in India. The International version of this tall boy hatchback has been around since 2017 and in 2019 in received a R06D type engine. These versions are unlikely to be launched in India as Maruti launched the all-new WagonR in India back in 2019 only. Suzuki is expected to launch the new WagonR in December 2021.


Third model that Suzuki plans to launch is Vitara which is also known as Suzuki Escudo. Vitara has been discontinued from our market for various reasons but, is still available internationally. The upcoming SUV will be powered by a 1.4 litre turbocharged petrol engine with 48V mild hybrid system that Suzuki has developed. It will also be equipped with a 1.0 litre, three cylinder turbo petrol unit that will generate more power than the 1.4 litre unit. Apart from all these vehicle, Suzuki is also expected to bring a 5-door version of their popular SUV Jimny in India by the end of this year. Japan already has the three-door version and it is very unlikely that the 5-door version will be launched in the Japanese market. Instead, the 5 door model will be launched in India and other emerging markets.