Next-gen Tata Sumo with Impact 2.0 design: What it will look like

The Sumo is an extremely popular MUV in India. A lot of Indians have sentimental memories attached to the Sumo. Tata has upped its game, in recent times, and revamped all their new products completely. Tata has now entered the next phase, which is called the Impact 2.0, and upcoming vehicles like the Tata Harrier will be based on this design philosophy. The Impact 2.0 design philosophy is much more angular and curvy and attracts a lot more attention. Here is a render of what a Tata Sumo based on the Impact 2.0 design philosophy could look like, from our rendering artist Vipin Vathoopan.

All-new Tata Sumo

Is the next-generation Sumo going to look like this? We do not know. Tata has not said anything about future of the venerable MPV. They may decide to take it slightly more upmarket, with a few more creature comforts, style and safety features depending on the new safety norms in the country. They may stick to a bare-bones MPV avatar, on the other hand. However, if they decide to go the Impact 2.0 route, there is a chance that we could have a very stylish MPV, such as in the render you see here.

Next-gen Tata Sumo with Impact 2.0 design: What it will look like

Tata also launched a few iterations of the Sumo, and in many parts of the country, the vehicles are still extremely popular. Even though Tata has not announced any future plan for launching the Tata Sumo, here is a rendered image that shows what the vehicle may look like if Tata applies the Impact 2.0 design philosophy to the Sumo.

The Tata Sumo has always been about being rugged and the render gives the same idea. Tata only sells the Sumo Gold in the Indian market at the moment, which gets a very straight line and boxy design. However, in the future, the Sumo may incorporate a few curves to look attractive.

The vehicle will look quite upmarket with large windows. Also, to add to the ruggedness, it gets a skid plate at the front and plastic cladding all around. This will ensure that the vehicle remains scratch-free on the road roads or the village roads where it is mostly used.

Tata may also add sleek headlamps to the upcoming Sumo but it may look different from the one we will see on the Harrier. The Harrier will be a premium offering in the market while the Sumo will target the mass segment, especially in Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

However, even the mass-segment cars like the Tiago, Tigor and Nexon, look quite modern and offer a premium look. If Tata continues down on the same road, we can safely assume that the Sumo will also benefit from the same design philosophy.

Next-gen Tata Sumo with Impact 2.0 design: What it will look like

The next-generation Sumo will not be launched before 2020, which means it will be powered by an all-new engine. The much stringent BS-VI norms will be in place in 2020 and manufacturers are expected to come with new engines or better versions of the current engine to meet the new norms. It will also increase the price of the vehicles in the coming times.

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