Next-Gen Tata Sumo: What it could look like

Tata Motors is currently in the final phases of preparing the Harrier SUV for its launch, in January 2019. Tata Motors is set to use the Harrier’s Omega Platform to build more SUVs. Cartoq’s artist-in-residence, Vipin Vathoopan, has created a render of what the next SUV, from Tata, to bear the iconic Sumo name could look like.

Next-Gen Tata Sumo: What it could look like

Cartoq’s render of the new Sumo envisions an amalgamation of the current Sumo Gold’s muscular and boxy design with a few design cues from Tata’s current Impact Design 2.0 philosophy to form an SUV that, though boxy, still has a modern and muscular feel to it.

Up front, the Sumo features a squared off version of Tata’s impact design grille with the Tata TAMO brand name emblazoned on it. On either side of the grille sit the rectangular LED headlamps. Stacked vertically, next to the headlamps, are the turn signals. Underneath the grille sit three sleek rectangular openings to push more air towards the engine.

Next-Gen Tata Sumo: What it could look like

The chunky and boxy front bumper sits underneath and features a bash plate with a squared off take on the ones found on the H5X concept showcased at Auto Expo 2018 in February 2018. The bonnet of the new Sumo is slightly raised as well which gives the SUV a more muscular look.

The sides of the next-gen Sumo look brawny thanks to the flared wheel arches, which play host to large alloy wheels shod with large tyres that would be at ease during off-roading. The windows including the third one at the end look rather large, indicating that there is more space on the inside for passengers.

The Sumo as per our render is expected to be a lot larger and could sit slightly higher than the previous Sumo. The SUV will be based on the new Omega platform by Tata Motors, which is a modified version of Land Rover’s LR-MS monocoque chassis that has been extensively modified to help vehicles go off-road. The LR-MS architecture that underpins the current Range Rover Sport, and will also underpin the next Evoque, has been modified by Tata Motors to suit Indian conditions.

The next-gen Tata Sumo is expected to be powered by a BS-VI emission norms-compliant diesel engine. Tata’s Omega platform is ready to accept hybrid or even electric powertrains, as was seen with the EVision Concept sedan seen at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. An electric Sumo in the future with instant torque on demand and four-wheel drive is something we would love to get our hands on if Tata does decide to go down that path with a future SUV that bears that iconic name.