Next Generation Suzuki Swift hatchback coming in 2016

Suzuki will put together the next generation version of the super popular Swift hatchback in 2016. In India, the next generation Swift will continue to operate at a similar pricing level that is currently operates at considering the fact that Maruti Suzuki’s YRA B+ segment premium hatchback will occupy the space above the current and future Swift models. The next-generation Swift will also have a sportier variant with more performance on tap than the regular version. While the sportier Swift is confirmed for Europe, it remains to be seen if Maruti Suzuki would considering bringing the hot hatchback variant to India.

Next Generation Suzuki Swift hatchback coming in 2016
Facelifted Maruti Suzuki Swift used as an illustration

Other details about the 3rd generation Suzuki Swift remain unknown for now. The car could get slightly larger, in keeping with the strategy that Suzuki adopted with the 2nd generation model, which gained size and interior volume over the 1st generation version. In terms of engines and transmissions, the 3rd generation Swift could move to turbo petrol power while the new range of turbo diesel motors that Suzuki is putting together is likely to find place in the hatchback’s engine bay. A big bump up in features and creature comforts are also expected as car makers have begun offering cutting edge infotainment packages even in budget cars.

While the 3rd generation Swift will make its European debut in 2016, the car is likely to arrive into India a year later. This is similar timeline that Maruti Suzuki followed when the 2nd generation Swift was launched a year after it made its European debut. The Swift is India’s best selling B+ segment hatchback and a global best seller for Suzuki. The Japanese automaker will be hoping that the 3rd generation model carries on the Swift’s rich legacy of being a best selling car for generations. Swift fans, for their part will be hoping for a chuckable hatchback that is more fun to drive than ever before. Will Suzuki get the winning combination right, yet again? Time will tell.

Via AutocarUK