Next-generation Tata Safari Storme: What it could look like [Video]

The Tata Safari is a household name in India as it is among the oldest SUV line to be in production in our country. The Safari was launched back in 1998 for the first time and has seen several updates over its lifetime since then. The last major update came in the form of the Safari Storme which was then followed by the introduction of the Varicor 400 engine. Now, Tata has a new full-size SUV in the pipeline which is being called the Buzzard/Cassini for now. Tata has adopted the IMPACT 2.0  design philosophy for its new cars and its new vehicle look pretty great too. But what if the good old Tata Safari Storme is given a major rehaul and a new model is launched in 2020 with the IMPACT 2.0 design on it. The video below by SRK Designs shows just that.

Now there is no official confirmation from Tata’s side whether there will be a new model of the Safari Storme in future or not. Moreover, a few reports have suggested that the iconic SUV is likely to be discontinued before the BSVI norms kick in from the 1st of April next year. So this render here does not show the upcoming Safari model but is just an artist’s take on what the Tata Safari Storme would look like with the IMPACT 2.0 sauce poured over it.

Talking about how it looks, we are actually impressed by this render. If this is how it could turn out to be, we would like Tata to reconsider its decision of discontinuing the Safari Storme. the front end carries a similar headlamp-LED DRL swapped design as seen on the Harrier. The black grille is also similar as is the bumper design. The scuff plate at the bottom seems inspired from the Tata H5X concept and looks pretty good on this Safari.

Next-generation Tata Safari Storme: What it could look like [Video]

The SUV now rides on huge stylish multispoke alloys shod on with low profile tires. The side design is somewhat the same as the current Safari Storme, albeit a bit more muscular as well as angular. The blacked-out pillars further add to the aesthetics of the car. Despite this Safari render showing us a possible design dimension which could insude a fresh lease of life in the SUV, it is unlikely that Tata will go for it. This is because the upcoming Buzzard will reduce the need of any other SUV in the automaker’s portfolio in the same price range.

While it would be tough to see the Safari go, the truth is that the vehicle has been showing its age for a few years now and for the same, its sales have dropped down by quite a margin. It is still a capable off-roader and we would like to see a 4×4 variant of the Buzzard for sure if the Safari Storme can’t be revived.